Pokemon Sun and Moon Offers Free Mega Stones to Players

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mystery Gift Mega Stones

Nintendo and Game Freak are releasing another round of Mega Stones to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon players. Not just one or two Mega Stones either, but a prize collection of four Mega Stones. Unfortunately, as with previous Mega Stone releases, there's a bit of work involved to make the most of these stones. All four Pokemon must be traded into Pokemon Sun or Moon via the Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter. The Mega Stones are free via Mystery Gift, but the Pokemon are another matter entirely.

The four Pokemon which will be receiving Mega Stones in this group include Pidgeot, Steelix, Heracross, and Houndoom. All four Pokemon do not naturally occur within Pokemon Sun and Moon, necessitating the use of the Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter to transfer them from an older game. This kind of transfer does not allow Pokemon to hold items, which is why players can't simply bring over their older Mega Stones. The new Mega Stones will be the only way to get these Mega Pokemon in Sun and Moon.

In order to get the four Mega Stones, follow these Nintendo-provided instructions after starting up Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon:

  1. Select Mystery Gift on the main menu.
  2. Select Receive Gift.
  3. Select Get with Code/Password, then Yes, and then Yes again to connect to the Internet.
  4. Enter the password: AZUL
  5. Watch as you receive the Mega Stones.
  6. Speak to the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center to pick up your Mega Stones.
  7. Be sure to save your game!

Nintendo has not provided an end-date for this Mega Stone distribution event, but don't wait. Nintendo could end the event at any time so the best strategy for those who want these Mega Stones is to get them as soon as possible -- whether one has transferred the Pokemon already or not.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mystery Stones - Mystery Gift

As with previous Mega Stone distribution events, some of these Mega Stones have previously been available to certain Pokemon players who have attended live tournaments or conferences. Both the Steelixite and Pidgeotite Mega Stones were both previously available to those who participated in the Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble. Currently planned Pokemon distribution events include the Guardians Rising Pokemon TCG tie-in event, where Lycanroc will be available at GameStops starting May 15, and the 2017 International Challenge May which starts May 17.

Pokemon and Mega Stone distribution events is a great way for Game Freak and Nintendo to keep the community excited about the game and working together. These Mega Stones will encourage players to go back to classic Pokemon games, or even help their friends via trading, so everyone can make the most of the rewards. Considering there's currently no announced upcoming Pokemon games, distribution events will simply have to do.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are available now on Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.

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