Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find All of the Zygarde Cells


Having trouble finding enough cells to create Zygarde's final form? Here's a helpful Pokemon Sun and Moon guide that details the location of every Zygarde cell in Alola.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon could spell the beginning of a whole new Pokemon craze. Aside from the fact that the games include Rowlett, the greatest Pokemon ever created, they also represent 20 years of learning from each previously released Pokemon title being implemented in one radically different new pair. The end result has been an incredibly positive critical response to Pokemon Sun and Moon, and gamers are starting to take notice and purchase one of the two even if they initially hadn't planned on it.

The biggest selling point for relapsing Pokemon trainers worldwide seems to be Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon's myriad innovations to the way a Pokemon game traditionally plays out. Pokemon Sun and Moon has done away with the expected Gym structure of previous titles in favor of four islands with guardians instead, while legendary beasts have now been replaced by the mysterious Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts. Nothing is quite as mysterious or exciting, however, as the inclusion of Zygarde, who trainers saw previously in Pokemon X and Y.

This time, however, there are two new Zygarde forms available in Pokemon Sun and Moon - Zygarde 10% Forme, which looks like a nuclear Houndoom, and Zygarde Complete Forme, one of the single coolest Pokemon designs ever released. Gamers looking to add the Complete Forme of Zygarde to their Pokemon team will have to put in the requisite work, however, which involves collecting 100 different Zygarde cells scattered throughout Alola.

It might not be as tedious as attempting to get a shiny Pokemon Sun and Moon starter, but it can definitely be taxing, especially if gamers don't already know the locations of the Zygarde cells. For that reason, Game Rant has put together a handy guide that details where to find all 100 Zygarde cells in Alola, so that trainers can spend more time soaking up the sun or chasing down the Alolan versions of some series classics.

Zygarde Cell Locations

Melemele Island (14 Total)

  • Route 1: 4 total, 2 outside (Day Only) and 1 inside a house (Night Only)
  • Route 2: 1 total, in the corner of a house's patio
  • Route 3: 2 total, 1 Day Only
  • Hau'oli Cemetery: 1 total, near the beginning of a tombstone plot
  • Hau'oli City: 2 total, 1 outside of the Pokemon centre (Night Only), 1 inside a house near the bottom left corner of the map
  • Iki Town: 1 total, near the northern exit (Night Only)
  • Kala'e Bay: 1 total, near bottom left corner of area
  • Ruins of Conflict - Outside: 1 total, on the right of the entrance to the Ruins
  • Verdant Cave - Trial Site: 1 total, near the trial site

Akala Island (18 Total)

  • Route 4: 1 total, across from a girl in a cowboy hat on a ledge
  • Route 5: 1 total, underneath a ledge with an item ball on it
  • Route 7: 1 total, tucked in near some rocks in the northern area of the map
  • Route 8: 2 total, 1 outside a house's door, 1 right before a small town with a Pokemon Centre in it
  • Akala Outskirts: 1 total
  • Diglett's Tunnel: 1 total
  • Hano Beach: 2 total, 1 underneath the lifeguard's station (Day Only), 1 underneath an umbrella on the beach
  • Heahea City: 2 total, 1 outside a house (Night Only), 1 inside building in the upper left corner
  • Konikoni City: 1 total, near Pikachus (Night Only)
  • Lush Jungle - Cave: 1 total
  • Paniola Ranch: 2 total, 1 in upper right corner near fences (Day Only), 1 near large bales of hay (Night Only)
  • Royal Avenue: 2 total, 1 beside Pokemon Centre (Night Only), 1 in between two cars in the parking lot (Day Only)
  • Wela Volcano Park - Top: 1 total

Ula'ula Island (30 Total)

  • Route 10: 1 total, Day Only
  • Route 11: 1 total, Night Only
  • Route 12: 2 total, 1 in between two fields (Day Only)
  • Route 13: 2 total, 1 near small oasis, 1 near house (Night Only)
  • Route 14: 2 total, 1 near shore in the northernmost point, 1 near ruined portion of bridge (Night Only)
  • Route 15: 1 total
  • Route 16: 1 total, Day Only
  • Route 17: 2 total, 1 close to left-most portion of largest building on map
  • Aether House: 1 total, Day Only
  • Blush Mountain: 1 total
  • Haina Desert: 1 total
  • Hokulani Observatory: 1 total (Night Only)
  • Malie City - Outer Cape: 1 total (Day Only)
  • Malie City: 2 total, 1 in between two fire trucks (Day Only), 1 in northernmost building (Night Only)
  • Malie Garden: 1 total
  • Mount Lanakila - High Mountainside: 1 total
  • Mount Lanakila - Mountainside: 1 total
  • Po Town: 2 total, 1 by a yellow truck (Day Only), 1 by a red truck (Night Only)
  • Ruins of Abundance - Outside: 1 total
  • Secluded Shore: 2 total, 1 left-most part of the beach (Day Only), 1 on right-side of beach ramp (Night Only)
  • Tapu Village: 1 total
  • Ula'ula Meadow: 2 total, 1 near beginning of wooden pathway, one in upper right-corner of the map past wooden pathway

Poni Island (28 Total)

  • Ancient Poni Path: 3 total, 1 near ruined window (Day Only), 1 in corner by well (Day Only), 1 by monument in eastern portion of map (Night Only)
  • Poni Breaker Coast: 2 total, 1 near whirlpool (Day Only), one in northern portion of bowl area (Night Only)
  • Poni Coast: 2 total
  • Poni Gauntlet: 2 total, 1 near signboard, 1 on wooden bridge
  • Poni Grove: 2 total
  • Poni Meadow: 1 total
  • Poni Plains: 3 total, 1 in middle of lush area (Day Only), 1 on rocky plateau, 1 under ledge near high grass (Night Only)
  • Poni Wilds: 3 total, 1 in middle of beach, 1 on raised ledge near 2 palm trees (Day Only), 1 by signboard (Night Only)
  • Resolution Cave - 1F: 1 total, Day Only
  • Resolution Cave - B1F: 2 total, 1 Night Only
  • Ruins of Hope: 1 total
  • Seafolk Village: 2 total, 1 inside large blue boat, one on rightmost wooden platform
  • Vast Poni Canyon: 1 total
  • Vast Poni Canyon - 2F: 1 total
  • Vast Poni Canyon - 3F: 1 total
  • Vast Poni Canyon - Inside: 1 total
  • Vast Poni Canyon - Top: 1 total

Aether Foundation

  • Aether Paradise - Hallway: 1 total
  • Aether Paradise - Outside: 2 total, 1 in upper left corner (Day Only)
  • Aether Paradise - Main Building: 1 total
  • Aether Paradise - Entrance: 1 total, Night Only

How many Zygarde cells have you managed to find so far? Do you plan on tracking down all 100? Let us know in the comments below.

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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are now available on the 3DS.

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