Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals Final Starter Evolutions and More


A new trailer arrives for Pokemon Sun and Moon, revealing the starter creature final evolutions, guardian deities, and the return of classic trainers.

As we get ever closer the arrival of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo offers us one more glimpse at the tropical Alola region and what it contains in the form of a brand-new trailer.

Ignoring the leaks, and the recent datamine of the demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, this is the first official look at the final evolutions for Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio that we've seen. The trailer reveals that Rowlet will eventually become Decidueye, a Grass/Ghost-Type archer Pokemon who can use its signature move Spirit Shackle to prevent its opponent from switching out.


Litten's final evolution, Incineroar, is a Fire/Dark-Type, despite it's wrestler-based appearance. It also gets a signature move, Darkest Lariat, which ignores any stat changes made to the opponent. Finally, Popplio will evolve into Primarina, a Water/Fairy-Type Pokemon will the signature move of Sparkling Aria which will heal burns on any target it comes into contact with.

This isn't all the trailer has to tell us about Pokemon Sun and Moon, however. Nintendo has revealed that in the player's travels around the four islands that make up the Alola region, they will encounter the four guardian deities which seek to protect their territory from harm. Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini, will join the previously revealed Tapu Koko as the four unique guardians.

The Tapu all share the same unique Z-Move, a powerful attack named Guardian of Alola which summons forth an avatar to attack the opponent and deal significant damage. The recent datamine for the demo version of Sun and Moon revealed a new Alola Dark-Type form for Persian too, something that the new trailer also confirmed.

The trailer isn't done there however, and goes on to reveal new Pokemon Cosmog, a small Psychic-Type creature that looks to be somehow connected with Pokemon Moon's legendary bat Pokemon, Lunala. It also announces that the player character will witness the birth of the Alola Pokemon League, meaning that even without traditional gyms, there's still going to be a final challenge to overcome at the end of the two games.

Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, Pokemon Sun and Moon will act as hosts to the new Battle Tree feature. Players can enter the Battle Tree to test their skills either against or alongside classic trainers such as Cynthia and Wally. The original protagonist Red, alongside rival Blue, will also be present with what looks to be their classic teams on board, following on from the appearance of these two classic characters in the Pokemon League episode of Pokemon Generations.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will arrive on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS exclusively.

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