Holiday sales numbers for popular online retailer Amazon are in, and both Pokemon Sun & Moon as well as Final Fantasy 15 led the pack for video game sales.

While much of the attention when it comes to year-end sales has been focused on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, not all retailers saw Activision’s latest FPS fly off the (virtual) shelves. Amazon, for example, has two completely different titles as its best sellers for the holiday: Pokémon Sun & Moon and Final Fantasy 15.

It should come as no surprise that the titles were at or near the top of the Amazon best sellers list, given they both released so close to the holiday shopping season. What’s more interesting to note, though, is the fact that Call of Duty didn’t rank right alongside them, despite the title being one of the best selling games for November and the whole year.

For Pokémon Sun & Moon, the strong holiday sales are par for the course; Nintendo and Game Freak’s 3DS titles have been sales juggernauts since the very beginning. In fact, Pokémon Sun & Moon has been so successful that it now holds most of the records for fastest selling 3DS title and fastest selling Nintendo title in the Americas. Needless to say, a game like that doesn’t break a few records and then not top the charts for sales at the same time.


Final Fantasy 15, on the other hand, has been a divisive release for fans, with many praising it as a successful evolution of the JRPG franchise, while others claim it is unfinished and missing key story elements. No matter how fans might feel about the game, though, it clearly was intriguing enough to make it a best seller for Amazon during the holidays. Specifically, the PS4 version of Final Fantasy 15 topped the online retailer’s list, which is not surprising given FF used to be a Sony exclusive.

All told, it appears Amazon’s sales numbers fell more in line with what was popular at the end of the year and not necessarily what might have been the most popular game at any given point in time. Titles like Battlefield 1, Uncharted 4, and The Division sold extremely well at launch, but were available much earlier in the year. As a result, it seems, there wasn’t enough interest to propel any of those titles to the top of the holiday bestsellers list for Amazon.

Still, there are plenty more retailers out there, even if Amazon is one of the biggest. Look for more info about holiday sales and end of the year sales in the coming days and weeks, but don’t be surprised if Call of Duty ranks there when it didn’t here.