Pokemon Sun and Moon: New Evolutions, Alola Grimer, and Muk Revealed


A new trailer arrives for Pokemon Sun and Moon, revealing never-seen-before evolutions to the new Alola Pokemon, as well as an Alola form for Grimer and Muk.

With Pokemon Sun and Moon releasing in a little over a month, it's time for a brand-new trailer. This time, developers reveal evolutions for some of the new previously-revealed Pokemon, as well as an Alola form for both Grimer and Muk.

First up is an evolution for the Pokemon known as Type: Null. The first creature to be created without a typing, Null will evolve into Silvally - a creature of many types. Silvally is a Normal-Type by default, but holding "certain items" will transform it into any typing that the player chooses. Its unique move "Multi-Attack" will change type alongside the creature.


Next up is the evolution line for Jangmo-o, with Dragon/Fighting-Types Hakamo-o and Kommo-o being introduced, ready to make their Pokemon Sun and Moon debut. Kommo-o has the unique move "Clanging Scales" which causes the creature to attack with a great clamor. Afterwards, the Pokemon's defense is lowered.

Grass-Type Pokemon Bounsweet also shows off its evolutionary line-up, with Steenee and Tsareena arriving after the player has trained the Pokemon sufficiently. Tsareena's unique ability "Queenly Majesty" prevents opponents from using any priority moves against it.

Finally, the Bug/Fairy-Type Cutiefly gets a much-deserved transformation, with Ribombee taking up the mantle after its pre-evolution levels up enough. After that, the trailer shows us two new Alola forms, with one for Grimer and one for Muk.


The two classic creatures get an additional Dark-Typing to go alongside their Poison-Type base form. Their appearances also change significantly, with the two Pokemon gaining impossibly-hard teeth made from crystallized garbage. Their colour changes are down to their diets, with residual toxins from the garbage they consume changing the composition of the creatures' bodies.

Unlike Grimer, Alola Muk has the poisonous teeth all over its body, making it far more dangerous. The terrible smell caused by the toxins that the creatures used to give off is now produced deep within their bodies, meaning that unsuspecting trainers won't be able to catch the creatures' scents before they appear any longer.

Lastly, the trailer introduces Olivia and Ilima, two new Pokemon trainers that players will be sure to encounter in their Sun and Moon adventures. Previously, we learned that none other than Professor Oak's Alolan cousin will be a part of the game's story, though we don't yet know how significant his inclusion will be, or whether he's just appearing for a brief reference to the original games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will arrive on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS exclusively.

Source: The Official Pokémon Channel — YouTube

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