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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are games designed to celebrate twenty years of Pokemon, but they're also full of Easter eggs celebrating other pop culture moments too.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are a complete revitalization of the Pokemon handheld franchise, and people have started to take notice - Pokemon Sun and Moon have been getting sterling reviews, and sales are way up on the newest Pokemon titles. For as much as Pokemon Sun and Moon have brought along innovations to the standard Pokemon formula, however, they have also been a callback to some of the series' favorite moments.

Whether it's the many Pokemon Sun and Moon evolution stones implemented to support the vast array of returning Pokemon or the inclusion of characters from past titles as guest appearances, Nintendo's newest entries into the Pokemon franchise have had a keen eye for anything that might evoke feelings of nostalgia from older players. That isn't just limited to the Pokemon series, either, as YouTuber and Pokemon fan Maxx has illustrated - there are a number of different Easter eggs present in Pokemon Sun and Moon that are as thoughtful and clever as they are easy to miss.

Luckily, Maxx has compiled a list of some of the ones they have discovered so far, and we have put together a quick hits list of some of the most entertaining here. While no Easter egg list can ever be considered truly exhaustive - some Easter eggs have taken over a decade to find - this list will point fans in the right direction of some of the most entertaining ones, so that Alola-wide journeys like the hunt for all 100 of Zygarde's cells can be a little fun too.

Hau'oli Cemetery - Battle Pikachu's Voice Actress

In the Hau'oli Cemetery, players can find a trainer standing beside a grave stone that speaks when prompted, saying "the grave where Pikachu rests...I address it using its words". Players are then challenged to a trainer named Ikue, which is the first name of legendary Japanese Pikachu voice actress Ikue Otani. The trainer version of Ikue only has one Pokemon - a Pikachu, obviously - and simply exclaims "Pika!" once players have bested her in battle.

Ghost Island Trial - Ash Cameo

Pokemon Sun and Moon have already done way more than any of their predecessors in making Ash Ketchum canon within the video games, as players can unlock the Ash-Greninja from the anime in Sun and Moon. The games go a step further, however, as players can discover during the Ghost-type Island Trial.

During that Trial, trainers are tasked with tracking down and defeating the Totem Mimikyu, a Ghost-type Pokemon with a creepy backstory and a passing resemblance to Pikachu. While looking for Mimikyu, trainers end up trapped in a closet in a creepy haunted area, and if they take a picture while inside, they can use their camera's zoom function and explore around the room to find a picture of Ash and Pikachu, although Ash's face is partially obscured in order to maintain some of the mystery.

Hano Grand Resort - Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole

This is a somewhat obscure reference as far as Pokemon games go, given that the singer Pokemon Sun and Moon are alluding to died in 1997 and many of the fans playing the games were born after that. Still, though, this Easter egg is by far the coolest one uncovered so far, and shows an incredible level of commitment on Nintendo's part to honor Pokemon Sun and Moon's Hawaiian-inspired origins.

An encounter with a Veteran trainer named Roger at the Hano Grand Resort sees the would-be opponent introduce himself to the player as "Future". Eventually, the trainer becomes baffled at the player's inability to recognize him, and then challenges them to a fight, telling them they better be ready to "face Future".

This is all in reference to Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwoʻole, a legendary Hawaiian singer who is perhaps best known in the continental United States for his rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". It makes perfect sense to honor a Hawaiian celebrity in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and whether it was the development team or Nintendo's localization team that came up with it, they deserve kudos for the respect they have paid Hawaiian culture with Alola.


Of course, there are plenty more Easter eggs left to be discovered in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and these are just some of the best ones that are currently known. There's likely dozens more waiting for players to find them, however, so if you think we're missing one, or if you have a sneaking suspicion you know where one is, let us know in the comments!

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are available now on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.

Source: YouTube (via Polygon)

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