Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Downloaded 3.5 Million Times


Nintendo officially announces that the demo for its forthcoming RPG titles Pokemon Sun and Moon surpasses 3.5 million downloads since its availability.

It's no secret that plenty of fans have been eagerly anticipating the chance to get their hands around Pokemon Sun and Moon when the titles release next month, so Nintendo recently gave gamers a chance to try it out with an official demo. Of course, no one could have truly predicted the popularity of the trial for the forthcoming games, but the Big N has just now announced that it has hit more than 3.5 million downloads since becoming available on October 18.

According to Nintendo, the large number of these downloads for Pokemon Sun and Moon's trial signifies the "fastest start for any demo in the history of the Nintendo 3DS system." As a matter of fact, the company's president, Tatsumi Kimishima stated that the amount of interest shown, "shows the breadth of the audience for these games."

Considering the fact that the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo was datamined quickly after its release also indicates a substantial segment of the franchise's fan base being excited about the titles' eventual release. Once fans sifted through all of the information, plenty of new Pokemon were revealed, as well as new Alola forms, the final starter creatures' evolutions, and even a new kind of Pikachu.


One possible reason as to why Pokemon Sun and Moon's demo garnered so many downloads could relate to the popularity of Pokemon GO making fans want another full-fledged title from the series. As it happens, Pokemon Sun and Moon are the first games to come out from the franchise since the mobile game's record-setting release in July, and Kimishima acknowledged that augmented reality title has assisted Nintendo in increasing awareness of the overall Pokemon brand.

"We have included a variety of exciting new features, while also ensuring that it is an approachable title for all kinds of gamers, including people who are experiencing Pokemon for the first time with Pokemon GO. As Pokemon has been a hot topic recently, even among people with no game experience, there is fantastic momentum for the release of this latest Pokemon title."

While Pokemon Sun and Moon's demo has been getting plenty of attention, according to Kimishima, pre-orders have been "showing favorable trends as well. In fact, they are well ahead those of the last release, Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, specifically in the United States and European markets. Plus, with television commercials for Pokemon Sun and Moon planned to air this weekend, Kimishima has declared that Nintendo expects the pre-orders will "continue to accelerate."

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to launch on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.

Source: GameSpot

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