Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo Datamine Reveals New Pokemon & More


Datamining in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon demo seems to reveal new Pokemon, new Alola forms, the starter creatures' final evolutions, and a new kind of Pikachu.

The demo for Nintendo's upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon is out now, and it didn't take long for the game's more technologically advanced players to fully datamine the software, giving us some much appreciated insight into the highly-anticipated title. A warning for all those who want to remain out of the know, this article will contain major spoilers for the two games which are set to release next month.

According to in-depth research into Pokemon Sun and Moon's files, done by YouTuber Kaphotics and his team of dataminers, there are around 800 Pokemon total in the upcoming games. Despite all the early creature reveals, this information shows that there are still a lot of Pokemon that are yet to be discovered in the new Alola region.




Kaphotics also reports that the Ash-Greninja form that players can acquire through playing the game's demo will be a buffed version of the Pokemon's regular form, with significant increases to its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stats. When Greninja defeats an opponent's Pokemon to become Ash-Greninja, its Water Shuriken attack will increase in power. A special form of Pikachu known as Ash-Pikachu is also in the game, though the iconic electric mouse has no such special transformation as of the Pokemon XYZ anime, meaning that the creature will likely be a regular Pikachu, wearing one of Ash's signature caps.

Kaphotics also claims that Diglett and Dugtrio will be getting Alolan forms, as well as Geodude, Graveler, and Golem, the latter of which is sporting some impressive facial hair. The Rock-Type family are just a few of the creatures we put on our list for most deserved Alola forms. Alolan Meowth will reportedly evolve into a special Alolan Persian too, which looks to retain its new Dark-typing.

The leaks about the game's starter Pokemon's evolutions also appear to be true, with Kaphonics releasing the supposed sprites for the final forms of Rowlet, Litten, and Poplio. Unfortunately, it looks like Litten will indeed be standing on two feet and presumably becoming a Fighting-Type if the information in the second video is accurate.

New never-seen-before sprites are available for Pokemon that will appear in Sun and Moon, including pre-evolutions for the game's legendary creatures. Kaphotics also claims that there will be eight different Ultra Beasts in the upcoming games, possibly meaning that we'll see four unique Beasts per version of the title.

It's exciting information, and more is sure to come in the next month as we lead up to the release of the latest Pokemon instalments. We'll keep you updated right here so keep checking back for new leaks and reveals as they come.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will arrive on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS exclusively.

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