Pokemon Sun and Moon: New Creatures Announced but Bank Feature Delayed


The Pokemon Company unveils more new Pokemon for upcoming titles Pokemon Sun and Moon, but also announces that the Pokemon Bank feature will not be available at launch.

With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon fast approaching, The Pokemon Company has been steadily releasing more and more content surrounding the dual titles. As a result, fans of the Pokemon franchise have been getting excited about all the new Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon that they will be able to catch. Now, the company has revealed even more new Pokemon for the games.

First up is Passimian. Dubbed the "teamwork Pokemon," Passimian apparently live in large groups that follow one leader. Discerning Pokemon trainers will be most interested in Passimian's ability, Receiver, which allows Passimian to inherit the ability of its ally that fainted in battle. Passimian, which is a Fighting-type Pokemon, will only be available in Pokemon Sun.

Pokemon Moon players, however, will get their own exclusive Pokemon to work with. The second Pokemon title will be inhabited by the Normal/Psychic-type Pokemon Oranguru. This Pokemon apparently has a rather helpful disposition, helping out injured or hungry Pokemon. Oranguru has an exclusive move called Instruct, which makes its target use its most recent move once again. Those interested in finding out about both these Pokemon can do so by watching the video below.


As well as these two new Pokemon, who have joined plenty of other new Pokemon for the games, The Pokemon Company also took the opportunity to make some further announcements surrounding the titles. For starters, the Pokemon Rockruff has been given two separate evolution forms for Pokemon Sun and Moon, with the Midday and Midnight versions of Lycanroc available. Meanwhile, Pokemon fans who want a little more customization in the main series games will be happy to know that Pokemon Sun and Moon will allow users to change certain parts of their characters look, such as their hair and clothing, as well as the color of their outfits.

However, not all of the news shared was good news, as The Pokemon Company also revealed that the Pokemon Bank feature will not be available when Pokemon Sun and Moon launch in November. This feature will make sure that players are able to transfer Pokemon via wireless from other Pokemon games into their new Pokemon Sun and Moon adventures, including Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. Thankfully, users will not have long to wait before Pokemon Bank is available, as the feature is set to arrive in January 2017.

Already many Pokemon fans are excited about what Pokemon Sun and Moon will be able to offer. The titles hav been impressive in the build-up to their release, with Pokemon players intrigued to see how everything from the games' new Alola forms through to the Pokemon throwing mini-game will work. Hopefully, Pokemon Sun and Moon will live up to these expectations.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released on November 18, 2016 for 3DS.

Source: YouTube (via Gamespot)

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