The Pokemon Company releases a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, revealing the new Pokemon Crabrawler, Sandygast, Palossand, and Stufful and their abilities.

Just yesterday, The Pokemon Company introduced the gaming world to Turtonator, an impressive fire/dragon type Pokemon that will be making its debut in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. Today, The Pokemon Company announced four additional Pokemon that will be debuting alongside Turtonator this fall, and all of them are highlighted in a brand new trailer.

The first new Pokemon shown in the latest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon somehow managed to avoid being leaked beforehand. Its name is Crabrawler, and it is a fighting type crab Pokemon with claws that look like boxing gloves. Some may be confused as to why a Pokemon based on a crab is a fighting type instead of a water type, but it appears as though Crabrawler is based on the coconut crab, which is known for its inability to swim.

The trailer also confirms three Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon that were previously leaked. Those Pokemon include a couple that look like sandcastles:  the ghost/ground type Sandygast and its evolved form, Palossand. The idea of a Pokemon based on a sandcastle may sound ridiculous to some, but Sandygast and Palossand could turn out to be pretty useful against water type Pokemon thanks to their Water Compaction ability.

Besides Sandygast and Palossand, another leaked Pokemon gets its official confirmation in the new trailer as well. In the trailer, players are given a better look at Stufful, a goofy-looking bear Pokemon that eventually evolves into Bewear. Stufful resembles a stuffed animal, complete with a “tail” that looks just like a tag.

With the reveal of Crabrawler and the official announcement of Sandygast, Palossand, and Stufful, the total number of new Pokemon debuting in Pokemon Sun and Moon has reached 39. That number doesn’t even include the Alolan forms of Gen 1 Pokemon that trainers will also be able to catch in the games, so Pokemon Sun and Moon should have plenty of unique creatures for players to capture during their adventure in the Alola region.

There’s still three months to go until Pokemon Sun and Moon launches worldwide, so expect Nintendo to continue to reveal new Pokemon for the games in the meantime. It’s unclear at this point just how many Pokemon are being created for the games, but between the brand new pocket monsters and interesting twists on familiar creatures, it seems like Pokemon Sun and Moon will have no shortage of Pokemon for fans to discover.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available on November 18th, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.