Since the first generation of Pokemon released over 20 years ago, Charmander has been one of the most popular starter creatures, thanks to its powerful and stylish final evolution: Charizard. Since no game would be complete without the Fire/Flying dragon in it, Pokemon Sun and Moon players are being offered a Charizard of their very own for a limited time period.

To get a free Level 50 Charizard in your copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon, players must visit a participating Target store between October 1-14. There they will be able to claim a code card, which will bring the powerful creature into their own games, complete with a pretty competitive move set.

Charizard will know Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Fly, and Flare Blitz once it arrives in-game through the Pokemon Mystery Gift function. In addition, the Pokemon will be holding a Red Card, a consumable item that forces opponents to switch to another Pokemon after attacking Charizard.

As usual, Charizard will also have the Blaze ability, which allows it to attack for more damage when using Fire-Type moves. Seeing as Flare Blitz already has a power of 120, this will result in some devastating HP loss for the opponent’s Pokemon, though trainers should beware, as Charizard will take a third of the total damage done as recoil.

In the spirit of free gifts, The Pokemon Company is also allowing players to claim a free Pikachu complete with an Ash Ketchum hat¬†every week as part of a promotion for the upcoming ‘I Choose You’ movie. Right now, players can get their hands on the Sinnoh generation hat but those who want the iconic original cap are going to have to look for a trade as they already have missed their chance.

The legendary Pokemon Celebi can also be redeemed in-game right now, though this special promotion is only available to those who pick up a copy of the newly re-released Pokemon Silver or Pokemon Gold.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are out now for Nintendo 3DS.

Source: YouTube