Pokemon Sun and Moon: Catch Midnight Form Lycanroc This Week

midnight form lycanroc

Both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have been hugely successful for Nintendo, shipping more than 15 million units since release, and part of that comes down to the reception of the new Pokemon available in the game. Now, gamers will have the chance to pick up a Midnight Form Lycanroc with ease, courtesy of a store giveaway.

Nintendo has made Midnight Form Lycanroc available for the first time in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and to celebrate players of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be able to head down to their local retailer and collect one of their own. In the UK, this can be down by going to any GAME store starting from May 5 and asking for a code, while the same can be done in North America by heading to GameStop from May 15. Pokemon fans will have a month to be able to go and claim this prize.

Once the code has been received, boot up the 3DS and Pokemon Sun or Moon, and ensure it is connected to the internet. Then, select Mystery Gift from the main menu, and then Get With Code. Input the code, and then enter your game and go to the delivery man in a Pokemon Center to receive the Midnight Form Lycanroc. After that, be sure to save the game before exiting.


Lycanroc was one of the new Pokemon added to the franchise with the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, with many gamers intrigued by its evolution from Rockruff. Here are the stats of the battle-ready Midnight Form Lycanroc that is being given away:

  • LEVEL: 50
  • TYPE: Rock
  • ABILITY: No Guard
  • MOVES: Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch and Swords Dance
  • HELD ITEM: Life Orb

No doubt fans of the game will be pleased to be able to get their hands on the Midnight Form Lycanroc - if only to make sure they add another Life Orb to their bag. However, it's always good to have another battle-ready Pokemon on hand either way.

The next question on the minds of many Pokemon fans is exactly what Nintendo and The Pokemon Company plan to do with the series next. There is already a clamor for Nintendo to port the game to the Switch console, and rumors have begun to circulate to this effect with claims that an HD update is on the way called Pokemon Stars. Here's hoping that fans will find out for certain in the coming months.

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