Pokemon Sun & Moon Guide: How to Boost Friendship Fast


Friendship is needed for several evolutions in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and if you want to evolve your favorite creatures as soon as possible, here's a quick and easy way to do it.

With Pokemon Sun and Moon about to be available worldwide, players everywhere are ready to begin their Pokemon adventures. But with a handful of creatures requiring a maxed out friendship gauge in order to evolve, one Reddit user has come up with a handy guide to help boost friendship fast.

By raising its friendship level, certain Pokemon such as Pichu and Eevee will be able to evolve into stronger forms, meaning that knowing how to boost the friendship levels a quickly as possible can prove very useful. Reddit user Leafeon111 posted a PSA to the Pokemon subreddit, detailing how to boost a creature's happiness levels as quick as possible.


As it turns out, teaching a Pokemon a TM move is a process that slightly raises the creature's friendship towards its trainer, something that is a lot more useful now that TMs don't expire after one use. Finding two moves that a Pokemon can learn means that a dedicated trainer can keep teaching the same moves over and over to replace one another, slowly but surely raising the creature's friendship levels until it's ready. Then simply level up the Pokemon and it will evolve.

There are several other ways to boost friendship levels fast, besides using TMs however. Players can use a Soothe Bell, win battles, use vitamins, or use the new festival plaza to give their Pokemon meals, but many of these method will take more time and effort than the Reddit user's technique.

In other Pokemon Sun and Moon news, we've put together a guide to help players who are starting out get the shiny Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio that they desire. It's a time-consuming effort but many might think it worth it in order to get the perfect starting partner.

And if you're not looking to get your hands on the latest in the Pokemon franchise just yet, a little patience might just lead to a better experience come 2017, as reports indicate that Pokemon Sun and Moon may be coming to the Nintendo Switch. It's unknown as to whether or not that means any additional features will make an appearance but we wouldn't put it past Nintendo to have a secondary selling point up its sleeves.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon are available now, exclusively for 2DS and 3DS.

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