Pokemon Sun and Moon Gets New Battle Royal Mode

pokemon sun and moon 4 player battle royale nintendo e3 2016

Nintendo's E3 2016 presentation had a heavy Pokemon Sun and Moon influence, and an extended gameplay demo reveals an exciting new 4-player battle mode.

Nintendo's recent track record at E3 presentations has been notoriously hit or miss - the company doesn't seem to find much room in between super exciting reveals and long, drawn out gameplay demonstrations. Nintendo's E3 2016 presentation has definitely leaned much more toward the former, as the reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild kicked things off in a big way before the company decided to demo some new content from the equally important Pokemon Sun and Moon.

While the Pokemon Sun and Moon demonstration didn't reveal much innovation in the way the game begins, the team behind the presentation waited until its end to show off something brand new. Pokemon Sun and Moon will debut the Battle Royal trainer battle mode, a premise that will see 4 trainers and their Pokemon square off against each other simultaneously.

The mode, which appears relatively straight forward at first glance, is another addition to the series that will serve to help entice old school Pokemon gamers to give the new games a shot. The deceptively simple combat system will task players with managing their Pokemon team against 3 others at the same time, presenting a new set of problems to battling that didn't exist before. Furthermore, gamers can have their lineup survive the battle and still lose the war - Battle Royal ends immediately once one of the four trainers' entire Pokemon lineup has fainted.

pokemon battle royale

Of course, Nintendo has always been a proponent of fair play, and the Battle Royal system is the same. Once the battle ends, the Pokemon Sun and Moon system will determine a winner by tallying the amount of knockouts each player has scored alongside the number of Pokemon each player has remaining. Battle Royal seems like a game mode tailor-made to emphasize having an objectively powerful team, perhaps containing one or both of Pokemon Sun and Moon's new legendary Pokemon.

The 30-minute presentation touched on a number of the features that fans have come to expect from Pokemon games, but the addition of a new battle system is a reminder that Nintendo is pulling out all the stops in its treatment of the franchise that is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Whether or not Pokemon Sun and Moon will find its place among the best generations of Pokemon ever remains to be seen, but details like the ones shown at E3 go a long way in proving that there's plenty of creativity left in the series yet.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016.

Source: Nintendo E3 2016 Presentation

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