Pokemon Sun & Moon: Latest Trailer Reveals Alola Forms, Z-Moves, & New Pokemon

pokemon sun moon alola forms

Existing Pokemon are set to receive a complete makeover, while all monsters prepare to embrace brand new and insanely powerful Z-Moves, in Pokemon Sun and Moon's latest trailer.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have revealed ample new details on the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon titles through a brand new trailer. While many gamers have been waiting with bated breath for further info, a ton of it has finally arrived in the form of a new trailer for the games. Found within this footage, fans will see alternate forms of some original Pocket Monsters and their applicable evolutions (Vulpix, Sandshrew, and Exeggutor). Meanwhile, new Z-Moves looks to completely change battles by affording creatures absurdly powerful attacks.

While Z-Moves are sure to greatly shift the dynamics of an ongoing battle, it's the inclusion of Alola forms that will undoubtedly catch the attention of longtime fans. Pictured in the footage are Vulpix and Ninetales with entirely different looks and typing (Ice and and Ice/Fairy, respectively), with Sandshrew and Sandslash following suit (Ice/Steel-types), and finally Exeggutor taking on the form of a palm tree and gaining a Grass/Dragon-typing.

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of these brand new Pokemon forms in action can do so below.


Additionally, a handful of new monsters were revealed within the latest trailer. Most are evolutions or pre-evolutions of some of the new Pokemon set to arrive in Sun and Moon, but there were a handful of new lines showcased as well. Creatures like Gumshoos (the evolved form of Yungoos) are looking to make Normal-types great again, while others like Formantis (and its evolved form Lurantis) possess a brand new attack known as Solar Blade. All in all, however, the new creatures look a lot more like standard beasts than some of the others seen so far.

Also touched upon was the game's narrative, which looks to be much different this time around. Apparently trainers will be tasked with taking down Totem Pokemon in the Island Challenge. These monsters are capable of boosting their stats and summoning help in the form of other Pokemon, making them incredibly hard to defeat. There are a total of four Trial Masters that need to be taken down in this mode, with a Kahuna awaiting on every island afterwards. It sounds interesting, although it's odd that there has been no mention of the Elite Four or even a rival trainer in the game so far.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are set to arrive exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems on November 18, 2016.

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