Pokemon Sun and Moon: 10 Pokemon That Deserve Alola Forms

pokemon sun moon alola forms

Game Rant takes a look at the Alola forms for beloved Pocket Monsters in Pokemon Sun and Moon, drumming up a list of 10 original creatures that deserve some of the limelight.

As two of the (if not the) most anticipated games coming from Nintendo in 2016, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are looking to be the smash hits that fans have been waiting for. After a two year wait following the 2014 release of both Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, the unexpected gap appears to have been utilized in a bid to implement a handful of major changes to the core series. One of these noteworthy alterations comes in the form of Alola variants for first generation characters from the franchise.

With the likes of Vulpix, Sandslash, and Exeggutor all getting Alola forms, this got Game Rant thinking about which of the original 151 creatures should join the action with a new look in the forthcoming pair of titles. After much debate, we've established a concrete list of 10 Pocket Monsters that deserve a new coat of paint (and typing to boot), although it's important to note that this is a subjective piece and far from official.

With that in mind, here are 10 Pokemon that deserve Alola forms in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!

11 Onix

pokemon sun moon alola onix form

As an iconic member of Brock's team from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, this Rock/Ground-type rather ironically inhabits a soft spot amongst the hearts of longtime followers of the franchise. However, the behemoth has been placed at a disadvantage thanks to its easily thwarted typing and lacklustre stats. While it's true that its evolved form, Steelix, and resulting Mega Evolution are no laughing matter, Onix could hugely benefit from a new Alola form and type – with Metal Coat returning it to its original evolutionary track if and when trainers obtained it.

10 Jynx

pokemon sun moon alola jynx form

There's little question that Jynx has become one of the most controversial Pokemon ever conceived. After going through some pigment changes to avoid further backlash, fans still don't have much reason to invest in the evolved form of Smoochum. In this light, an Alola form could change the look and combat capabilities of the longstanding Ice/Psychic-type. There are a bevy of directions that developer Game Freak could take such a variation, and there's little doubt that the studio could at least make it a little more relevant than it currently is.

9 Spearow/Fearow

pokemon sun moon alola spearow fearow form

Let's be honest, Spearow and Fearow are both a little... boring. These Flying-types often serve as a vanilla option that's easily overshadowed by the likes of Pidgey and all of its resulting evolutionary forms. It's time this duo got an upgrade, and Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon may be able to help out with just that. With Fearow in particular, the design should be a little more frightening in order to live up to the whole "Fear" aspect of its name. Maybe a Dark or Ghost/Flying-type would help instil the sense of dread that fans deserve, but that ultimately would come down to the avenues Game Freak wants to explore.

8 Butterfree

pokemon sun moon alola butterfree form

The beloved butterfly from the first generation is one of the first final evolutions that players got ahold of in the original games. Doing so allowed wannabe Pokemon Masters to gain access to a number of moves that helped them leave the competition in the dust, but there often came a point when Butterfree couldn't hack it with the ever-growing squad anymore – leaving it to live out the remainder of its days in Bill's Pokemon Storage System. This Bug/Flying-type needs to get an overhaul now more than ever, and Alola may be just the region to offer that opportunity.

7 Seel/Dewgong

pokemon sun moon alola seel dewgong form

As one of the oddest Pokemon designs currently in existence, the abysmally named Seel and it's slightly more applauded evolution have fallen by the wayside in recent years. The bland typing of the creatures (Water and Water/Ice, respectively) ensures that they can easily be disposed of by those that know what they're doing, but Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon can offer entirely new aesthetics for the shrug-able duo. Through brand new (and slightly more imaginative) designs, these horned-seals can find new life – with ample possibilities from a competitive/typing standpoint.

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6 Farfetch'd

pokemon sun moon alola farfetchd form

It would appear as if Farfetch'd is the Pokemon that Game Freak forgot. The stalk-carrying mallard has never been granted an evolution or any sort of special traits, outside of the fact that it is incredibly rare as a result of its delicious stature amongst in-game consumers of fancy food. While an evolution for the billed battler seems a little farfetched at this point, giving it an alternate appearance may be just enough to get the beast back into the limelight it has avoided all of these years. That's just some food for thought, though.

5 Koffing/Weezing

pokemon sun moon alola koffing weezing form

Mainstays of Team Rocket, Koffing and Weezing have become well-known amongst the community for their continued reappearance throughout the original installments' campaign. Despite becoming a tedious obstacle whilst duking it out with villainous grunts, it's easy to admit that these faces need... err facelifts. Sticking with the tropical setting, maybe a volcano-themed interpretation of the characters would make the most sense – opting to spew fire and volcanic ash instead of poisonous clouds. With that said, anything that got them off of their strict Poison-only typing would be appreciated.

4 Geodude/Graveller/Golem

pokemon sun moon alola geodude graveller golem form

Okay, as the only three-long chain of evolutions on this list, we stand by the fact that Geodude and both of its evolutions are in desperate need of a touchup. We're not saying attach legs to the faced-boulder in lieu of arms, but a change of form is certainly warranted for this line of slow-moving rock people. Whether it's ice from the same snowy peaks that altered Vulpix and Sandshrew or lightning the has struck the creatures atop an erupting volcano (something known to actually happen in nature known as Volcanic Lightning), we're game for a change of form for these Alola-bound bedrockers.

3 Lapras

pokemon sun moon alola lapras form

As a pseudo Legendary, Lapras has established itself as an incredibly tough contender – albeit lacking mildly from a competitive perspective. As a result of its importance in the anime and even the games as a gifted Pokemon, the creature has become a favorite amongst the masses. Even then, the sea-bound 'Surf' user hasn't gotten much love in quite some time. Indeed, no evolution or Mega Evolution was ever given to Lapras, which makes it a prime candidate for an Alola variant. Plus, the fact that the whole game takes place in a tropical paradise that requires ample travelling (presumably by sea), it only makes a new type of Lapras seem all the more perfect.

2 Dragonite

pokemon sun moon alola dragonite form

This creature has somewhat of a budding rivalry with Charizard, given that it's actually a rather powerful Dragon-type – whilst Charizard is not. Mega Evolution has effectively altered that for the final evolution of Charmander, but Dragonite hasn't been given any sort of extra love. Remaining the exact same since Generation 1, it's time for the adorable (yet very powerful) Dragonite to get some extra love from the developers over at Game Freak. A Mega Evolution seems to be out of the question – as an item called 'Dragonitenite' may just be a little too much for the developers – but a brand new form for this popular Poke would be a great way to welcome longstanding followers of the series to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

That concludes our list of 10 Pokemon that deserve Alola forms. There are several others that would be great for consideration amongst the original 151 Pokemon, so be sure to let us know which monster (or monsters) you'd like to see get an Alola-based changeup in the future in the comments below!

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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are scheduled to arrive exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS on November 18, 2016.

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