Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Beasts, Aether Foundation Revealed

pokemon sun moon ultra beasts aether foundation

Nintendo unveils even more new Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon, alongside some of the key plot points and characters that will help color the world of Alola.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon appears to represent a dramatic shift in the way Nintendo is approaching the collectible monster franchise, and early indications seem to suggest that fans have been very responsive to these changes. Ever since the Pokemon Sun and Moon legendaries and starters were revealed, there has been a tangible shift in the way the newest instalments have been discussed by gamers and series devotees. Rather than sardonically discussing what small changes will be made to the usual series formula, fans genuinely seem like they don't know what to expect from the newest Pokemon.

Fortunately, Nintendo has been forthcoming with plenty of details regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon, debuting plenty of trailers that showcase everything from fresh Pokemon designs to a brand new Pokemon throwing mini-game. Nintendo took to the Official Pokemon YouTube Channel today to introduce the world to even more of what Pokemon Sun and Moon has to offer, including the debut of the rare Ultra Beasts and the return of some familiar faces.


The trailer, seen above, debuts three new Pokemon: Null, the "Synthetic Pokemon"; Jangmo-o, a Dragon-type that fans will surely hope evolves into another series favorite; and the Alolan version of Raticate, which will evolve from the Alolan Rattata showcased earlier this week in the trailer that also debuted Snorlax standing up. Fans of Pokemon X and Y will also be able to spot Dexio and Sina, who have come to Alola to find Zygarde and will enlist the player's help in doing so.

It makes sense that Nintendo has developed Pokemon Sun and Moon with an eye for the past instalments of the franchise, as Pokemon celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. That isn't to say that Sun and Moon won't feature innovation, however, as the trailer also revealed the Aether Foundation, a research organization on Alola that focuses on the mysterious Ultra Beasts. The trailer also briefly reveals the first Ultra Beast, a jellyfish-like Pokemon that is described as a "threat" and simply labelled UB-01.

While there's a lot of information to digest regarding the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer - including the revelation that Sun will follow the 3DS' internal clock perfectly while Moon will be shifted 12 hours ahead - the general theme that has emerged over the course of the last few Pokemon Sun and Moon videos is one of innovation while honoring the past. The delicate balance between new features and nostalgia looks like it could catapult Pokemon Sun and Moon into the discussion of best Pokemon games ever, and fans won't need to wait much longer to see if that holds true.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will arrive on November 18, 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS and 2Ds handhelds.

Source: YouTube

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