In a recent trailer, Nintendo reveals two new formes for returning legendary Zygarde, which will be available to use for the first time in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

A brand new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer shows off a returning legendary as Zygarde makes his debut in the new games, complete with two new formes.

In the trailer below, The Official Pokemon Channel shows off gameplay from Pokemon Sun and Moon, pitting two new Zygarde formes against a Metagross and Garchomp in battle. The first transformation, Zygarde 10% Forme, resembles a dog and can use the signature moves Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves.

The second and final transformation is known as Zygarde Complete Forme, with the original sighting of the[H creature in and being known as Zygarde 50% Forme from this point onward. The complete form is shown to use a stylish-looking Core Enforcer attack which uses a beam to draw a ‘Z’ in a Zorro-esque fashion.

Interestingly, fans commenting on the trailer have pointed out that the Garchomp defeated in battle is a wild Pokemon, which may suggest not only that we will see old creatures making a return in the Aloha region, but also that finding a wild Garchomp is an actual possibility for the first time. However, this could just be a scenario put together for demonstration purposes.

Zygarde, the Order Pokemon, was first introduced in Pokemon X and where the legendary beast acted as a counter to the game’s other mythical creatures. Its appearance was that of a large snake resembling the letter ‘Z’, suggesting that Pokemon Z would be coming in the near future. The renaming of the Pokemon XY anime to Pokemon XY & Z acted as further confirmation that the next game in the series would be coming this year.

It seems however, that Zygarde will be coming instead to Pokemon Sun and Moon, alongside the game’s other legendary creatures. The man-made Pokemon and star of the next Pokemon movie Magearna is also confirmed to be making its debut in the upcoming games, with movie-goers being given a QR code to unlock the rare creature at each showing of the series’ 19th film installment.

We’ve not seen much in the way of new Pokemon reveals so far, though with yesterday’s leak of two new Pokemon we know that the legendary’s 10% Forme isn’t the only dog that Sun and Moon has in store. What’s more, CoroCoro magazine has revealed that the game’s new starter Pokemon all hide a mysterious secret.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016.