Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Where To Find Evolution Stones


Pokemon Sun and Moon players can force certain Pokemon evolutions with the help of the game's Evolution Stones. Here is where players can find or purchase each stone.

Pokemon Sun and Moon have been out for over a week now and players are hard at work uncovering all of the games secrets and catching every Pokemon available. Part of the key to filling up the new Sun and Moon Pokedex is evolving Pokemon. Subsequently, knowing where to find the game's Evolution Stones makes that task much easier.

Evolution Stones are a staple of the Pokemon franchise and can be used to force evolutions from certain Pokemon. There are a number of different stones and each one has control over different groups of Pokemon. The stones are often associated with controlling Eevee's evolution (which is done differently in Pokemon GO), but they have other uses as well.

Here is where Pokemon Sun and Moon players can currently obtain each of the different Evolution Stones...


Fire Stone

  • Used to evolve fire-type Pokemon
  • Using one on Eevee will transform it into a Flareon, but the stone can also be used to evolve other fire-types
  • Players can find a Fire Stone in Diglett’s Tunnel on Akala Island or it can also be purchased in Konikoni City

Ice Stone

  • Used to obtain the Alola forms of both Sandshrew and Vulpix
  • Obtained from Po Town as loot or it can be purchased in Konikoni City

Leaf Stone

  • Evolves grass-type Pokemon
  • Evolves Exeggcute into Alola form of Exeggcutor
  • Obtained through Poke Pelago or it can be purchased in Konikoni City

Thunder Stone

  • Evolves Pikachu into Alola form of Raichu
  • Found in Dream Park on Akala Island or it can be purchased in Konikoni City

Water Stone

  • Evolves water-type Pokemon
  • Evolves Eevee into Vaporeon
  • Can be purchased in Konikoni City.

Oval Stone

  • Evolves Happiny into Chansey
  • Found on Akala Island’s Paniola Ranch near the Pokemon Nursery

Dusk Stone

  • Used to evolve dark and ghost-type Pokemon
  • It can be purchased inside the Flea Market at the Malie Community Center
  • It can also be found just off the beach of the Poni Wilds

We'll update the guide as we find more specific locations for each stone. Until then, happy hunting! If you have any other tricks for finding Evolution Stones, let us know in the comments.

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