Pokemon fans are in luck as a new trailer from Nintendo shows off several of Sun and Moon‘s new creatures, as well as revealing the game’s release date.

New footage has been released today on the official Pokemon YouTube channel in the form of a trailer that shows off the game’s starter creatures, as well as showing glimpses of Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s legendary beasts.

Sun and Moon Starters

The three creatures shown above: Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, will no doubt be given to the trainer early on in their Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon adventures. That’s not all that the trailer had to offer however, and we also get a brief look at two of the game’s legendary Pokemon, which according to trademarks from Nintendo, could be called Solgaleo and Lunaala. This theory is giving further credit by the Sun creature being based on a lion and Lunaala being Latin for “Moon Wing”.

It looks like rumors about the game’s tropical setting were also true, with the trailer displaying the player being welcomed to Sun and Moon‘s new Aloha region. Complete with the phrase ‘welcome to paradise’, Aloha is shown off throughout the video, complete with palm trees and beaches. It also appears that players may be able to visit small islands surrounding the main region through the use of Surf. Lastly, the trailer announced the game’s release date being set for November 18 world wide, excluding the European release on November 23.

While we’ve all been excited since the announcement of the new titles, there’s been very little information revealed previously about what players have to look forward to in Pokemon Sun and Moon. In fact, even the titles’ official introduction only displayed a small bird type creature. Pokemon fans should be happy to hear that there will be a number of new creatures coming in the upcoming games, though it’s entirely possible that Nintendo will include some of the original favorites much like they did in Pokemon X and Y.

Last year was a disappointment for Pokemon fans, being the first year not to have a major series release since 2010. On the other hand, 2016 has been filled with content, leading us to refer to it as the Year of Pokemon. While we’re sure that the new games will be excellent, there are also some changes to the series that we believe need to be made in order to breathe new life into a franchise that is now 20 years old.

What do you think about the game’s first real trailer? Have you decided on your starter Pokemon yet? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to release on November 18 in the US, exclusively for 3DS.