Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How to Transfer Ash-Greninja


Follow this guide to find out how to transfer the powerful and special Ash-Greninja from the Pokemon Sun/Moon 3DS demo to the full version of the game.

The Pokemon franchise continues to be a force of nature, proving to be more popular now than it was when it first arrived 20 years ago on the original Nintendo Game Boy. While the core mechanics of catching various pocket monsters have not changed throughout that time, the franchise has seen numerous iterations and variants including the wildly popular mobile game, Pokemon Go. This year also saw two brand new entries in the long running series as well.

Like previous entries, players were able to download a special demo which not only enabled them to play the game early, but get used to some of the new UI and mechanics such as new Alolan forms of classic Pokemon. In addition to being able to experience Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon early, the demo is also a great way to obtain a powerful and special variant of the Pokemon known as Greninja.


Here's how to transfer the creature to the full version of the game:

What is it?

For those who may not be aware, players who opted to play the special demo for Pokemon Sun/Moon were treated to a special surprise at the start. A mysterious letter is left for the main character to find, containing none other than a special Greninja. While not outright confirmed, the letter hints that this creature belonged to famed Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum. By finishing Professor Kukui's challenge and defeating Team Skull, players can keep the special Pokemon with them.

While its moves are fairly standard containing Water Shuriken, Aerial Ace, Double Team, and Night Slash, it comes with a special ability called Battle Bond. Once an opposing Pokemon is defeated, Greninja becomes a powerful Ash-Greninja version which greatly increases Water Shuriken damage.

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How Can Fans Transfer Ash-Greninja?

The first thing fans need before even starting the game is to ensure that the special Pokemon Sun and Moon demo is installed on the same 3DS as the full version of the game. If that's the case, start up the demo and travel to the Pokemon Center in game to speak with Professor Kukui. When prompted, select bring to full version and fans can then select Ash-Greninja along with any other items picked up during the time inside of the demo.

It's worth noting that if the 3DS has a digital and card version of the game, the transfer will prioritize the card version first. Players should remove the card from the 3DS if they want the items to go to the digital version instead.

After booting up the full game on the same 3DS, players will notice a new NPC standing by the counter at a PokeCenter. Speaking to this person will finalize the transfer process. Make sure to clear out a spot for Greninja in the party before speaking to the messenger, otherwise it won't transfer over until a spot is open.

Greninja starts out as a level 36 Pokemon, though players need to finish two island challenges before the creature will listen to the player. In addition, this creature has very stable statistics in the demo, but after the transfer process, its stats, Nature, and Characteristics may be randomized completely.

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Both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are available now exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS.

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