After weeks of speculation over an alleged new Pokemon title called Pokemon Stars that’s supposedly coming to the Nintendo Switch, the latest in a long string of rumors states that the game is actually a direct sequel to 2016’s Pokemon Sun and Moon.

According to a leaked post from a purported translator that was shared on the NeoGAF forums, Nintendo is planning to announce a new game codenamed Pokemon Stars. The title may be part of today’s Nintendo Direct, which starts at 7am PT, or it could be saved for an E3 2017 presentation.

Continuing the story of Pokemon Sun and MoonPokemon Stars will apparently take place a few years after its predecessors and will be set entirely in Alola. The leaker states that Stars will be a more plot-heavy title that focuses on past events, such as how Mohn lost his memories and how Nercozma arrived on the planet, thus the game will feature far more cut-scenes than what Sun and Moon had.

Gameplay wise, the leaker says that there are a few minor tweaks. The Alolan trails are to be scrapped, no new creatures or mega evolutions will be featured in Stars, though more exclusive Z-moves and a new form for Nercozma will be added. In a big shake-up to the usual Pokemon dual release formula, Stars will purportedly be a single title that’s available for the Switch and 3DS, though the leaker did say that both builds are able to “communicate” in some form of cross-play.


This Sun and Moon sequel rumor is the latest in what’s been weeks of speculation over the next Pokemon title, and it appears to line up with some of the previously-revealed bits of information about what Pokemon Stars actually is. There was word a few weeks ago that Stars was in fact a HD version of Sun and Moon, but this new direct sequel rumor is certainly one that will get fans even more excited, especially with Nintendo stating that there are a number of unannounced titles in the works. With Switch sales still currently going strong, it also makes sense for the Big N to continue the momentum going with a new title rather than a HD port of an existing game.

It remains to be seen what Pokemon Stars actually is or if it even exists, so take this rumor with a grain of salt for now. Hopefully we’ll find out what the project actually is when the Pokemon Direct stream hits, or at the latest, Nintendo’s showcase during E3 2017.

Source: NeoGAF