Rumor: 'Pokemon Stars' Will Port Sun and Moon to Nintendo Switch


For months, rumors have been swirling that a main series Pokemon game from Game Freak is in the works for the Nintendo Switch. While we still don't have an official announcement, a new line of Pokemon merchandise being sold in Japan seems to suggest that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be coming to the Switch as Pokemon Stars.

The new line of merchandise, inspired by the seventh generation Pokemon, Cosmog, comes with the tagline "Look Upon the Stars." Some may think this tagline is simply a reference to Cosmog's appearance, but others believe it's evidence that the previously rumored Pokemon Stars is in fact making its way to the Switch.

For anyone that hasn't been keeping up with the Pokemon Stars rumors, they started about five months ago when anonymous sources leaked the game to the press. According to this initial leak, Pokemon Stars will be an HD version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, and will also feature some brand new Pokemon for trainers to catch. Reportedly, Pokemon Stars will be compatible with the Pokemon Bank to allow fans to trade Pokemon between it and the 3DS games.

Rumor: 'Pokemon Stars' Will Port Sun and Moon to Nintendo Switch - Pokemon Stars merchandise

A few months after this leak, Game Freak posted a job listing that suggested it's hiring new talent to help make a Pokemon game for Switch. This led many to speculate that the game in question is Pokemon Stars, which seems even more likely now that The Pokemon Company is releasing new merchandise with the "stars" theme.

Of course, that's just speculation at this time, and until Game Freak, Nintendo, or The Pokemon Company make an official announcement, fans should take these rumors with a grain of salt. While it seems like a no-brainer that a Pokemon game is in development for the Switch considering the franchise's incredible popularity, it could be a brand new game as opposed to an enhanced port of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Looking at the history of Pokemon games, though, it seems like Pokemon Stars is a more likely possibility than a brand new Pokemon game, especially this soon after the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon. While all fans can do is speculate about Pokemon on the Switch for now, hopefully answers will come at E3 in June.

Pokemon Stars is rumored to be in development for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Polygon

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