Gamers in Japan will soon be able to purchase Pokemon Snap on the Wii U Virtual Console, prompting hopes that Nintendo will release the virtual port in other regions as well.

Nintendo fans in Japan will be able to pick up the classic title Pokemon Snap as soon as next week, now that Nintendo has officially included the title in an upcoming update to their Wii U Virtual Console games catalog. Gamers have been hungry for more Pokemon Snap content on every console after the N64 introduced the spinoff title, and 17 years after the game initially released in Japan, gamers will now be able to continue the adventures of Todd on the Wii U.

With its unique individual Gamepad Screen, the Wii U seems like it would be the perfect fit for a game like Pokemon Snap. Ever since the console was announced, gamers have been requesting a remake of Snap with the GamePad playing the role of portable camera. It’s a game that lends itself perfectly onto Nintendo’s latest console, but so far, the requests for a new photo-based Pokemon experience have gone largely ignored.

The Wii U version of the game will support GamePad, Classic Controller Pro, or Wii U Pro Controller inputs. While it would be fantastic if the GamePad functioned as a virtual camera, it looks like the game is simply a port akin to what it was on the original Wii, though the title itself still brings in a satisfying sense of nostalgia. It doesn’t hurt that the game rings in at only ¥1,028 on the virtual console, which equates to about $9.

For those who may not have experienced Pokemon Snap back in the day, players are assigned to take photographs of Pokemon in their natural habitat, and get high scores if they can figure out how to interact with the Pokemon (sometimes even triggering evolutions),  luring some Pokemon out of the shadows, and capturing photographs of the original 151 at just the right time. The player rolls along on a fixed course, and the title ended up becoming one of the mostly highly acclaimed Pokemon spinoff titles of all time.

Pokemon Snap Gameplay

The closest thing to a camera-based experience for Pokemon fans ever since has been the upcoming Pokemon GO mobile title, which is also gracing its presence in Japan before any potential Western release. The two are very different beasts, but in lieu of an official Pokemon Snap sequel, we have to say Pokemon GO is certainly an exciting prospect.

While the island nation is officially the only country to be getting Pokemon Snap on the Wii U, the title is sure to be in high demand for nostalgic gamers from other regions, too. We’ll keep you posted if The Big N confirms the port for the Wii U Virtual Console in North America.

Pokemon Snap is scheduled to release via Wii U Virtual Console in Japan on April 4th.

Source: GameSpot

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