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pokemon snap 2

Twenty years ago, Pokemon Snap, a Pokemon spin-off that tasks players with taking pictures of their favorite Pocket Monsters, released on N64. At the time of its release, critical response to Pokemon Snap was generally positive, and it stood, and still stands, as a unique offering within the franchise. As such, some fans have been hoping that a Pokemon Snap sequel might eventually materialize, and the Pokemon Sword and Shield producer has now offered some words on the matter.

In a recent interview with the UK publication Metro, Junichi Masuda, the aforementioned Pokemon producer, was probed on why there has never been a Pokemon Snap 2. While Masuda did not answer this line of questioning directly, he did indicate that there would need to be a "very unique twist" on the Pokemon Snap concept in order for a sequel to be a possibility. "I don’t think we can just make the same thing again," Masuda stated.

Prior to this statement, the interviewer from Metro did make direct reference to the Wii U GamePad and Nintendo Labo VR, two pieces of technology that could seemingly facilitate a new spin on Pokemon Snap. However, Masuda's words seem to suggest that more than just improved technology is needed to justify a sequel to Pokemon Snap, and that might mean that a fundamental change to the core gameplay would be required.

pokemon snap 2

This suggestion may create mixed feelings for those that have been holding out hope for Pokemon Snap 2. On one hand, the idea of a "unique twist" may be an exciting prospect to those that would welcome an innovative approach in a potential sequel. On the other hand, Masuda's words seem to indicate that there are currently no plans to revive Pokemon Snap.

At the beginning of 2017, Pokemon Snap was released on Wii U Virtual Console, giving fans a chance to experience the game on updated hardware. While this may not have been as exciting as a full on Pokemon Snap sequel, it was, at least, something, and Masuda's statements do not seem to suggest that hopeful fans will be getting much more than that in the foreseeable future.

Pokemon Snap released in 1999 for the N64.

Source: Metro

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