Bizarre Pokemon Sleep Game Announced, Compatible With Pokemon GO Plus+

pokemon sleep announced, compatible with pokemon go+ plus

At today's Pokemon press conference, fans weren't necessarily expecting news on Pokemon Sword and Shield. After all, Pokemon Sword and Shield will have a Nintendo Direct on June 5, and it would be odd to have two presentations for the games so close together. But while many didn't expect to see Pokemon Sword and Shield in today's Pokemon press conference, they certainly weren't expecting to see anything like Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Sleep is the core of a new initiative by The Pokemon Company to "transform sleeping into entertainment" through the Pokemon franchise. The game is being developed with some involvement from Pokemon GO studio Niantic, as well as Pokemon: Magikarp Jump developer SelectButton. Pokemon Sleep will be available for iOS and Android devices at some point in 2020, though further details on the game are unavailable at this time.

Unfortunately, we have no idea what the gameplay for Pokemon Sleep will look like at this point. However, we do know that the game will be compatible with the upcoming Pokemon GO+ Plus device from Nintendo. This device, which will also function as a standard Pokemon GO+, will be placed on the player's bed at night to track information on how they sleep. What exactly it's tracking is unclear, but the results will be sent to the player's smartphone via bluetooth technology.

Needless to say, Pokemon Sleep sounds pretty bizarre. And it's not even the only sleep-related announcement that came from the Pokemon press conference. Pokemon GO promised to incorporate some sleep-related gameplay at some point in the future, and it's also launching a special Snoozing Snorlax event where players have the chance to catch a special sleeping Snorlax.

Whether or not Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sleep are successful in turning sleep into entertainment remains to be seen. There aren't enough details available at this point to even say with certainty what the project is. However, considering the monumental success of Pokemon GO, it's safe to say that people shouldn't sleep on Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Sleep will launch in 2020 for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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