Pokemon Shuffle Adds Alolan Pokemon, Vulpix Login Bonus

Pokemon Shuffle Adds Alolan Pokemon

Pokemon Shuffle received a large update today featuring the addition of content from Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon's Alolan region. The popular 3DS, iOS, and Android game has received almost 30 new main stages, several special stages, features including daily stages and login rewards, and many limited-time events. For Pokemon Shuffle fans who were looking for an opportunity to return to the game, there's no better time than now.

Events to catch all of Alola's starter Pokemon have already begun. This first week will feature a special event for Litten, running through May 9. After Litten, Popplio's stage unlocks and will end on May 23. After Popplio comes Rowlet, whose event will end on June 6. Each starter will no longer be available once the next one's event begins, so make sure to catch them while they're available.

The starters aren't the only Alolan Pokemon to arrive, however. Every week will feature new Pokemon events for players to capitalize on. For the first week, a Mimikyu event is running, as well a unique Cosmog event that can only be attempted once per day. Look forward to events starring Alolan Ninetales and Sandslash in May. As a special treat, those who log-in between May 2 and May 30 will have Alolan Vulpix added to their collection for free.

To help players get back into the mix, there's also a special free trial that gives players infinite hearts for 15 minutes. It's only available for the next 6 days, so players should try and use it on some of the new content. The new Safari in particular is likely a great use, to help lessen the RNG pain. For a free-to-play game that's approaching its third year, a lot of effort has gone into making this Alola event approachable for new and old Pokemon Shuffle players alike.

Pokemon Shuffle is available now on iOS and Android devices, as well as Nintendo 3DS and is free-to-start.

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