Pokémon: Ranking The 10 Most Shocking Electric Pokémon

Despite Pikachu being the world's most famous Pokémon and the mascot of the entire brand electric-types are often overlooked and underappreciated. The first generation of creatures from the Kanto region had a good number of electric pokémon and a good number of them were beloved. Since the days of Jolteon and Zapdos, the type as a whole has lost some real thunder. Let's look at 10 of the most shocking electric-type pokémon and rank them based on their design and commitment to being a lightning rod on the battlefield.

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10 Alolan Graveler

Whenever there's a new pokémon who has a dual-typing of types that are directly opposite of one another you know it will be a tough out in battle. Alolan Golem doesn't only sport a new secondary electric-type, but it has gained some facial and chest hair. It also sports a large magnet-like shape on the top of its body. The electrified rocks it is known for shooting can cause an enemy to become numb and faint simply by being grazed. It has also been known to use Geodude in place of rocks when its in dire need.

9 Luxray

Luxray looks like if Simba from The Lion King received a makeover inspired by Steven Universe. Luxray can see through objects and uses it when hunting as they can spot and capture anything hiding behind objects for safety. The tell for it using this incredible ability is that its eyes will glow a golden color. It will also use this ability defensively and can scout dangerous incoming threats pretty effectively. In many ways, it's the electric-type version of Arcanine and almost just as cool looking.

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8 Zebstrika

In the world of Pokémon, the creatures will land in one of two camps. They'll either be obvious combinations of things, or a pairing that's so good you feel dumb for not thinking of it first. Zebstrika falls in the latter category as the mixture of lightning bolt stripes and a zebra fit all too well. They embrace their electric-typing and when running at full speed the sound of thunder will begin to reverberate. If it's in a bad mood or distressed its mane will shoot lightning in all sorts of directions.

7 Magnezone

Magenzone is arguably Magnemite's first true evolution as Magneton simply looks like three of them stuck together. Funny enough, the magnetism that Magnezone can often emit is said to sometimes be strong enough to make them attract to one another and will cause them to become immobile. The creature's silhouette bears a striking resemblance to that of what humans believe to be a UFO. Magenzone has often been mistaken as such when seen flying through the night sky.

6 Vikavolt

Vikavolt at first glance looks like the nightmare bug you dream about when envisioning a hike through the Amazon rainforest. On top of having large dangerous mandibles, it also happens to be able to wield electric-type attacks. It will send the electric current inside its body forward into its jaws as it attacks. This allows it to inflict both physical and electrical damage which is used to hunt as well as in battle. This electric energy is formed in a special organ it has which resides in its abdomen.

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5 Alolan Raichu

Raichu has always faced an uphill battle in terms of popularity thanks in large part to the Pokémon anime where Ash never evolved his Pikachu. The number of people who don't know Pikachu even has an evolution is quite alarming. On top of adding a secondary psychic-typing, the Alolan form of Raichu embraces more of the yellow of its evolutionary predecessor all while riding its tail as a surfboard. That tail does a lot more as it serves as the ground for all of the electricity stored up in its dense body.

4 Jolteon

Jolteon was part of the initial trio of Eevee evolutions and was often the choice as the electric-type member of a team in Pokémon Red & Blue if the trainer didn't grind to catch a Pikachu. It became even more of an afterthought in Pokémon Yellow where players started the game with a Pikachu. That being said Jolteon has a strong design that's indicative of the electric-typing while still being true to most Eevee evolutions in terms of being incredibly cute. Here's to all the Jolteon superfans out there.

3 Rotom

Rotom isn't the most powerful pokémon, but it's hard to find a pokémon more useful or diverse in its abilities. It's an electric and ghost-type that can possess household appliances and technology largely due to its dual-typing. In later generations, Rotom possesses the players PokéDex and helps the player in their journey. Thankfully Rotom is often seen as a harmless creature devoid of devious intentions and will simply look to stay out of the way of people. The havoc it wreaks never seems to be malicious.

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2 Galvantula

Two fears you'll often hear people have are that of spiders, and some have an irrational fear of being electrocuted. Well, it turns out that there's a pokémon that fits the weird Venn diagram that is those two fears. Galvantula is a 31-pound spider who is over 4 feet in length. If you were doing yard work and came across this creature in your shed or garage it's hard to deny how shocking the encounter would be. Thankfully nature did humans a favor and made it bright yellow so you naturally understand to keep your distance.

1 Pikachu

Pikachu is topping this list for several reasons, the top of which being that it is the mascot for the entire Pokémon franchise. Over the years the little electric mouse has also received a new slimmer design that made it more visually appealing. People who didn't grow up first playing Pokémon Red & Blue feel that Pikachu isn't worth having on your team and is used simply based on nostalgia. They're not necessarily wrong, but if you grew up watching the anime it's hard to not find your partner for life.

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