'Pokemon' Developer Teams up with Sega for Mystery Project

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Sega isn't the only developer who pairs well with Nintendo; Game Freak is a Japanese studio whose success is directly tied to one of Nintendo's most profitable franchises. Each time fans boot up an entry in the Pokemon series they see Game Freak's logo come across the screen. Though Game Freak shares a close relationship with the Big N, they aren't a first party studio and still can create games for PlayStation, Microsoft or mobile.

Sega, who is no stranger to multi-console releases, tweeted a vague image today with the Game Freak logo accompanied by cartoon characters. The picture in question showcases an elephant launching peanuts and grenades at a fleeing animal carrying a bag. Over the retreating creature are the sound effects "don don don," which is the Japanese onomatopoeia for an animal stomping. Finally, the inclusion of the date of March 11 offers no context if this will be a release date or an announcement date. Though it is worth noting that the date is a Wednesday and games typically release on Tuesday. Overall, the image creates more questions than answers.


Unfortunately, there is no obvious connection between the animals, objects, or sound effects presented and any franchise in the Sega or Game Freak libraries. Most likely, the teams are collaborating on a new intellectual property. While this isn't the first time Sega and Game Freak created a video game together — previously the companies released Magical Taruruto-kun and Pulseman on the Sega Genesis — it seems unlikely that this image hints at a revival of either franchise.

Pokemon Kids Leaving at 10

It's interesting that with GDC concluding and Pax East starting this weekend, Sega and Game Freak are preparing an announcement outside of these large events. With dedicated fans and press there to spread the word on new projects, both would have been ideal places to showcase a new game.

However, maybe the companies already knew the buzz that high-profile titles would create during this week and decided to stay away. Instead of being just another story, they have presumably made a calculated decision to announce their game at a time where they could gain the most traction.

Stay tuned to Game Rant on March 11, as more announcements surrounding this project are revealed.

Do you already know what Sega and Game Freak will announce? What do you think the escaping animal on the right is? What genre of game would you most want to see?

Source: Twitter

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