Nintendo announces that the fully evolved Sceptile will be joining the roster of 2016’s Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament, as a playable combatant.

It’s safe to say that Pokken Tournament will be only one of a few major ways that The Pokemon Company and Nintendo plan on celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ever-popular Pokemon franchise. While neither company is spilling the beans on everything that gamers can expect in 2016, they have been methodically unveiling brand new fighters for the aforementioned Bandai-Namco developed beat ’em up.

After teasing a formal reveal, it turns out that the newest combatant joining the fray will be none other than Sceptile. As the final evolutionary form of Treeko, this creature makes for a very interesting entrant that looks to provide a different enough fighting style (thanks largely to its Grass-type attacks) to warrant its inclusion. Its strongest set of maneuvers in Pokken Tournament, however, seem to come from its Mega Evolution form, Mega Sceptile.

Alongside Sceptile are a pair of assist characters in the form of Farfetch’d and Electrode, both of which look like some of the more preferable side characters for those in the heat of battle. Whether hacking at opponents with his leaks or simply exploding those foolish enough to attack, both of these original 151 Pokemon are welcomed additions to a game that they may have not appeared in otherwise.

With the addition of Sceptile, the roster for Pokken Tournament is now sitting at 12 characters in total. That likely means that Bandai-Namco and The Pokemon Company have ample plans to continue building the roster leading up to its Wii U release in Spring 2016. There are still a number of fan-favorite Pocket Monsters missing from the action too, which means that more updates will likely be pouring in over the next few months.

So far, fans have seen the ever-popular Charizard claim a spot on the roster, with a unique take on the Legendary, Psychic-type Mewtwo (aptly called Shadow Mewtwo) also joining the fray. With over 700 of the creatures to choose from, it’ll be interesting to see which of them make the final cut. With that in mind, it’s almost impossible to determine who will be next, but more Fighting-type or quadruped monsters would be much appreciated – striking a nice balance between traditional and unexpected fighters in the process.

What Pokemon would you like to see join Pokken Tournament next? Do you think Sceptile is a solid addition to the roster? Get at us in the comments.