If there’s one handheld franchise that the masses (myself included) can’t get enough of, it’s Pokemon, and Nintendo knows this bit of information all too well. That’s why it was far from shocking when Nintendo announced that it intended to bring the franchise to the 3DS, though how soon they planned on doing so turned out to be a nice surprise. Pokedex 3D hit the system as a free download via the 3DS’ eShop, but fans of the series have been eagerly been waiting news on something more — until today.

Nintendo has officially announced plans to bring the first retail Pokemon title to the 3DS in the form of Pokemon Rumble Blast, due later this year on October 24th. The new game is a follow-up to the popular WiiWare title Pokemon Rumble, but unlike its predecessor, Blast features all of the Pokemon from Black and White. This means that there will be over 600 different Pokemon that are scattered throughout the entirety of the game, just waiting to be collected. Technically, the actual Pokemon in the game are wind-up toys that players will use to battle other toys, as well as other players, thanks to the 3DS’s handy-dandy SpotPass feature.

The official debut trailer for Pokemon Rumble Blast can be seen below.


Super Pokemon Scramble was the name of the game when it was announced for Japanese consumers, but Nintendo has changed the name for the game’s North American debut — a move that everyone was kind of anticipating. Still, the new name has a nice ring to it, and the fact that the name “Rumble Blast” just sounds like it’s an entire bag full of awesome really doesn’t hurt.

It may not be the type of game that fans wanted, but Blast should keep Poke-fanatics everywhere preoccupied. Meanwhile, Nintendo can work on what are hopefully remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire for the 3DS.

Pokemon Rumble Blast releases October 24, 2011, for the Nintendo 3DS.

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Source: Nintendo