Pokémon: The 10 Coolest Reptile Pokémon, Ranked

In the world of Pokémon, there are creatures of all shapes and sizes that are loosely based on ones that roam Earth in real life. Whether they are mammals, birds, or reptiles they tend to mostly follow similar rules to those we learn from observing real wildlife.

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Though reptiles are most often associated with being the favorite animals of young boys, it's no surprise that a cool looking reptile can make a strong first impression on almost anyone. Let's now take a look at the 10 coolest reptile Pokémon in existence and rank them.

10 Sceptile

When a Pokémon almost has the entire word reptile in their name it's hard not to include them in the ranking of the coolest reptile Pokémon in existence. Sceptile's evolutionary line seems to be a melding of both trees and geckos with the design being heavily inspired by the leaf-tailed geckos. Sceptile is never really the fiercest looking creature out there, but if you want to see that side of it simply mega evolve it to see that fiercer side of the leaf-tailed final starter evolution.

9 Torkoal

Torkoal is an example of a one-off Pokémon that's never received any evolutionary love since its release. It was originally unveiled in the third generation of games and despite being a cool fire-type turtle it's never seen a new form for itself by way of a stone, held item, or baby evolution.

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When GameFreak and the Pokémon Company dip back into previous generations for Pokémon evolutions it seems like it'd be best for them to provide a new life for creatures like Torkoal who are too cool to be left as a single evolutionary line.

8 Arbok

Despite most people arguing that almost every first-generation Pokémon is loved solely because of nostalgia that's not the case. Take Arbok for instance, a giant purple snake that's the final evolution of Ekans and a Pokémon that very few people had in their party. On top of it simply looking cool, Arbok is a poison-type which helps bring a little bit of type variety to a roster of Pokémon. Some have speculated that it could use a third evolution, but in many ways, Arbok is already super cool looking.

7 Tyrantrum

Tyrantrum isn't only one of the coolest reptile Pokémon out there, he's cool regardless of whatever qualifier you attack to it. There will never be a time in human existence where young kids who love dinosaurs won't think that the T-Rex isn't the coolest thing to ever exist. Amazingly, a creature known for having useless little arms can be such an icon for cool and dangerous predators due to its sheer size and enormous jaws that it uses to rip and shred through everything standing in its way.

6 Drednaw

Drednaw is a new Pokémon from the Galar region set to make its debut in Pokémon Sword & Shield. Though being a turtle-based Pokémon isn't too unique it seems like this guy is specifically based on aggressive snapping turtles.

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It's known as the biting Pokémon which is likely due to its strong jaw and sharp teeth. Drednaw will likely end up as a fan favorite for the next generation despite it being unclear what his evolutionary line is. There's no doubt that he's going to be packing a punch.

5 Salamence

Dragons aren't technically real, well rather have never bee proven to exist, but it's safe to say that if they did they'd be reptiles. Salamence is a large and powerful dragon whose bright red wings make him very noticeable from a distance. This is likely to warn others of his presence and understand that messing with it isn't in your best interest. Its body shape is a tell that it is more comfortable and formidable in the air as it loses quite a bit of maneuverability when on the ground.

4 Torterra

If you've managed to check out the Detective Pikachu film starring Ryan Reynolds then you got a great glimpse at how cool Torterra is. Now, is a turtle Pokémon with a landmass on its back cooler when science experiments make them gigantic? Well, sure, of course, they are. That being said, when they're their normal size it's still quite a sight to see an entire biome exist on the back of a living creature. Every kid has that thought of seeing an island emerge out of the water and reveal a colossal turtle underneath.

3 Feraligatr

In Pokémon Silver & Gold the team behind the mega-hit that was the first Pokémon game was smart enough to make another cool starter Pokémon that happened to be a reptile. Feraligatr happens to be a very aggressive and tough-looking final evolution that looks like a combination of the Batman villain Killer Croc mixed with the coloring of a Smurf.

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Somehow the mix of blue and red works and it resulted in one of the coolest Pokémon out there. Its middle evolution is arguably the best looking for a starter as well.

2 Charizard

Die-hard Charizard fans are going to be upset that their favorite Pokémon didn't make the top of the list despite that being the case on hundreds of different rankings. Charizard has and always will be a cool design for a dragon and it's no surprise that it's one of the most recognizable Pokémon in the world behind Pikachu, of course. The only glaring issue with Charizard is that he's much smaller than people think and comes in at an average height of around 6 feet tall which is subpar for a powerful dragon.

1 Blastoise

It seems only right that Blastoise gets the edge on Charizard for once. The big beefy cannon-touting turtle has been a force to be reckoned with and a fan favorite ever since his unveiling in the late '90s. He follows the typical trajectory of most starter Pokémon as his base form is adorable, his middle form is a bit awkward looking, and his final form makes him either cool and/or fierce-looking. Teaching Blastoise plenty of water and weight-based moves is the best way to set yourself up for success.

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