The manual for Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow reveals that restore points and 3DS save backups won’t work on the titles, as well as detailing the trading connection system.

Since its inception, the Pokemon series has been rife with cheats and glitches that have allowed players to duplicate items and Pokemon. However, the lack of external save functions in the virtual re-releases of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow may help to put a stop to these attempts.

According to the manual for the virtual console versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, the games will not include the ability to use restore points or the 3DS back-up save feature. Restore points make it easier for gamers to go back if they make a mistake they’d like to undo, which would come in handy for Pokemon, since it could be used if a gamer fails to catch a legendary Pokemon, or after any other mistake. However, the same mechanic could also be abused in order to recover Pokemon that have already been traded away.

Admittedly, gamers who want to duplicate Pokemon or items will find a way to do it. Going as far back as tampering with Missingno or using a game cheat device, gamers have accessed or modified Pokemon games in ways that they weren’t supposed to. However, it’s understandable for Nintendo and Game Freak to take this step to make it a little harder for cheaters to cheat.

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The manual has also revealed that trading or battling Pokemon with other players will remain primarily unchanged. Players still go to a Pokemon Center and enter the trading or battling room, but at this point, a new menu will pop up. The screen asks players to either search for a partner that’s already sent out a signal, or to send out a signal themselves, indicating that they’re looking for someone to trade with or battle.

These changes are pretty minimal, and shouldn’t interfere with the experience of gamers who want to play the way it was meant to be played. Admittedly, the loss of the 3DS save backup function means that if an SD card is damaged, it may mean starting over from the beginning again. However, the ability to trade or battle others over a wi-fi network makes the process much simpler than it was in the old days, which is a plus. Of course, chances are a lot of trades and battles will still happen in-person, especially for gamers who’ve picked up the limited Pokemon Red and Blue 3DS.

Nintendo and Game Freak are keeping the number of tweaks made to this re-release to a bare minimum, so it should remain almost identical to the experience gamers once had when Pokemon was brand new.

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow will be released on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS on February 27th.

Source: Serebii