Rumor: Pokemon Red and Blue Live-Action Movie in Development

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In 2016, Legendary Pictures signed a deal with The Pokemon Company to produce live-action Pokemon movies, with the first being an adaptation of the 3DS game Detective Pikachu. While the first Detective Pikachu trailer laid many doubts to rest, some Pokemon fans were still hoping to see a film version of a classic Pokemon adventure instead. Well, it seems like their hopes may be realized, as Legendary reportedly has a film adaptation of Pokemon Red and Blue in active development.

Citing unnamed sources, We Got This Covered claims that Legendary currently has three live-action Pokemon films in development. One is Detective Pikachu, the other is a film about Mewtwo, and the third is the Pokemon Red and Blue project. Specific details on the project are scarce, except that the film will blend live-action and CGI as it showcases Red's journey across the Kanto region to become a bonafide Pokemon Master.

Additionally, the Pokemon Red and Blue movie is said to be set in the same universe as Detective Pikachu. This means that Detective Pikachu is potentially kicking off the next big cinematic universe, especially if it does well with critics and at the box office. And considering the massive worldwide success of the Pokemon franchise, it seems like a very safe bet that Detective Pikachu is going to be one of the top-grossing films of the year.

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Before any Pokemon fans get too excited about seeing the Kanto region on the big screen, though, we advise that they take this news with a grain of salt. Nothing official about a live-action Pokemon Red and Blue movie has been announced by anyone involved with the Pokemon franchise, and so far all we have to go on is an unnamed source.

That being said, it would be surprising if a live-action film based on the classic Pokemon games didn't materialize eventually. The first generation Pokemon are easily the most well-known Pokemon the series has produced, especially after Pokemon GO's massive success, and the film would likely draw in not only kids, but also adults who grew up with the games. Adults who discovered Pokemon through Pokemon GO may also be tempted to to see a live-action film based on the franchise.

Of course, these plans are likely predicated on whether or not Detective Pikachu is a hit. All signs point to it being one of the biggest films of the year, but if it releases to bad reviews, its box office totals could be dragged down by bad word of mouth. Fans will just have to see how Detective Pikachu does at the theaters on May 10 and keep an eye out for an official announcement of the Pokemon Red and Blue movie from Legendary Pictures.

Pokemon Red and Blue are out now for the Game Boy.

Source: We Got This Covered

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