In Pokemon Quest, Pokemon are caught by luring them to base camp with recipes instead of catching them with Pokeballs. Players earn recipe ingredients while out on expeditions, and each expedition completed will get them one step closer to having a fully cooked meal. Players can also use PM Tickets to speed up the cooking process, which are obtained through in-game means as well as through microtransactions.

In Pokemon Quest, the recipes players cook result in different colored stews, which are meant to attract Pokemon that are roughly the same color to the base camp. Different ingredient combinations may improve the odds of luring rarer Pokemon to camp, and the pot players use to cook with can determine the quality of Pokemon that show up as well.

There are a ton of potential ingredient combinations players can cook in Pokemon Quest that will result in the same stews. Because of this, it’s impossible to list every possible recipe combination, but below is a list of all the stews in the game, and recipes to make that stew that are known to attract specific Pokemon.

The best way for players to go about luring Pokemon to camp and testing out different recipes is by having the most cooking pots possible, which is four. However, at the time of this writing, the only way to get more cooking pots in Pokemon Quest is by purchasing the various Expedition Packs with real money.

Mulligan Stew a la Cube

pokemon anime snorlax

Mulligan Stew a La Cube is the most basic stew players will cook in Pokemon Quest. There are a huge number of ingredient combinations that will result in this stew, but below are some that are proven to work and attract the Pokemon listed next to them.

  • 5x Tiny Mushroom (Nidoran Male, Oddish, Rhyhorn)
  • 4x Tiny Mushroom, Big Root (Clefairy, Doduo, Ekans, Grimer, Ponyta)
  • 2x Tiny Mushroom, 3x Big Root (Gastly, Shellder)
  • 1x Tiny Mushroom, 4x Big Root (Gastly, Diglett)
  • 5x Big Root (Bulbasaur, Chansey, Dratini, Eevee, Farfetch’d, Gastly, Hitmonchan, Jynx, Kabuto, Lapras, Magmar, Mr. Mime, Pikachu, Pinsir, Snorlax, Squirtle, Tauros, Venonat)

Red Stew a la Cube

Pokemon Yellow Charmander

Red Stew a la Cube is used to attract “reddish” Pokemon in Pokemon Quest, so it’s something players should cook if they’re looking to add fire-types to their roster.

  • 5x Tiny Mushroom (Goldeen, Growlithe, Krabby, Mankey, Spearow, Voltorb, Vulpix)
  • 3x Tiny Mushroom, Big Root, Bluk Berry (Diglett, Doduo, Lickitung, Paras, Porygon, Slowpoke)
  • Tiny Mushroom, 3x Big Root, Apricorn (Doduo, Farfetch’d, Lickitung)
  • 5x Big Root (Charmander, Eevee, Farfetch’d, Growlithe, Hitmonchan, Jynx, Kabuto, Magmar)

Blue Soda a la Cube

squirtle squad pokemon anime

Since Red Stew a la Cube mainly attracts red, fire-type Pokemon to base camp, then one can probably guess that Blue Soda a la Cube attracts water-type Pokemon, like Squirtle. However, it can also attract some other Pokemon as well, including the rare dragon-type Pokemon Dratini.

  • 5x Bluk Berry (Caterpie, Nidoran Male, Poliwag, Rattata, Tentacool
  • 3x Bluk Berry, Icy Rock, Tiny Mushroom (Ekans, Grimer, Horsea, Koffing, Machop
  • Bluk Berry, 3x Icy Rock, Tiny Mushroom (Dratini, Ekans, Grimer, Koffing, Magikarp, Horsea, Slowpoke)
  • 4x Icy Rock, Tiny Mushroom (Dratini, Ekans, Grimer, Koffing, Magikarp)
  • 5x Icy Rock (Ditto, Dratini, Lapras, Omanyte, Squirtle, Tangela, Magikarp)

Yellow Curry a la Cube

pokemon movie ash and pikachu origin

Yellow Curry a la Cube attracts yellowish Pokemon, which includes one of the starter Pokemon, Pikachu.

  • 4x Apricon, Tiny Mushroom (Abra, Bellsprout, Meowth, Pidgey, Psyduck, Sandshrew, Staryu, Weedle)
  • 3x Apricorn, Honey, Tiny Mushroom (Hitmonlee, Ponyta, Snorlax)
  • Apricorn, 3x Honey, Tiny Mushroom (Drowzee, Ponyta)
  • 5x Honey (Hitmonlee, Kangaskhan, Pikachu, Scyther)

Grey Porridge a la Cube

venonat pokemon anime

As the name implies, Grey Porridge a la Cube will attract greyish Pokemon in Pokemon Quest.

  • 4x Fossil, Tiny Mushroom (Clefairy, Cubone, Geodude, Nidoran Female, Oddish, Rhyhorn)
  • 3x Fossil, Balm Mushroom, Tiny Mushroom (Clefairy, Exeggute, Jigglypuff, Magnemite, Onix, Seel Shellder, Zubat)
  • Fossil, 3x Balm Mushroom, Tiny Mushroom (Clefairy, Venonat)
  • 5x Balm Mushroom (Cubone, Venonat)

Mouth Watering Dip a la Cube


Earlier we mentioned that Blue Soda is good for attracting water-type Pokemon, but it may also attract blueish Pokemon that aren’t water-types as well. For Pokemon Quest players who are specifically farming for water-type Pokemon, they may want to consider cooking the Mouth Watering Dip a la Cube instead.

  • 3x Bluk Berry, Tiny Mushroom, Apricorn (Goldeen, Krabby, Poliwag, Psyduck, Staryu Tentacool)
  • 3x Bluk Berry, Big Root, Tiny Mushroom (Horsea, Shellder, Slowpoke)
  • 2x Bluk Berry, Icy Rock, 2x Big Root (Kabuto, Lapras, Magikarp, Omanyte, Seel, Shellder, Slowpoke, Squirtle)

Plain Crepe a la Cube


Anyone looking to attract normal-type Pokemon to base camp will want to look into recipes for Plain Crepe a la Cube. This is primarily what players will want to cook if they hope to collect more Eevees, and evolve Eevee into all three of its evolutions.

  • 3x Bluk Berry, 2x Fossil (Meowth, Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow)
  • 2x Bluk Berry, 2x Fossil, Honey (Doduo, Eevee, Jigglypuff, Lickitung, Snorlax)
  • 2x Bluk Berry, Fossil, Honey, Balm Mushroom (Doduo, Eevee, Lickitung, Snorlax)
  • 2x Bluk Berry, Honey, Balm Mushroom (Clefairy, Doduo, Eevee, Jigglypuff, Lickitung, Porygon, Snorlax, Tauros)
  • Fossil, 3x Honey, Balm Mushroom (Clefairy, Eevee, Jigglypuff, Porygon, Tauros)
  • 3x Honey, 2x Balm Mushroom (Chansey, Ditto, Eevee, Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan)

Sludge Soup a la Cube

pokemon bulbasaur nintendo

Poison-type Pokemon can be pretty helpful when defeating enemy Pokemon on expeditions, so players may want to take note of these recipes. Players should keep in mind that that these recipes may also attract Bulbasaur, which is a grass-type Pokemon that evolves into dual grass/poison-types later on.

  • 3x Tiny Mushroom, Balm Mushroom, Bluk Berry (Bulbasaur, Bellsprout, Ekans, Grimer, Koffing, Nidoran Female, Nidoran Male, Oddish, Tentacool, Zubat)
  • 2x Tiny Mushroom, 2x Balm Mushroom, Big Root (Ekans, Gastly, Grimer)
  • Tiny Mushroom, 3x Balm Mushroom, Rainbow Matter (Bulbasaur, Gastly, Venonat)

Mud Pie a la Cube

pokemon sun moon alola onix form

Mud Pie a la Cube is used to attract ground-type Pokemon.

  • Tiny Mushroom, 2x Fossil, 2x Bluk Berry (Geodude, Rhyhorn, Sandshrew)
  • 2x Fossil, 2x Bluk Berry, Big Root (Cubone, Diglett, Onix)
  • 2x Icy Rock, 3x Big Root (Cubone)

Veggie Smoothie a la Cube

Pokemon Yellow Bulbasaur

Grass-type Pokemon are attracted by the Veggie Smoothie a la Cube.

  • 3x Apricorn, Big Root, Tiny Mushroom (Bellsprout, Exeggute, Oddish, Paras)
  • 2x Apricorn, 2x Big Root, Icy Rock (Bulbasaur, Paras, Tangela)

Honey a la Cube

Pokken Tournament Scyther

You can attract more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, and that’s true in Pokemon Quest, too. By cooking Honey a la Cube, players will be able to attract all sorts of cube-shaped first-generation bug-type Pokemon to their base camp.

  • 2x Bluk Berry, Apricorn, Honey (Caterpie, Paras, Weedle)
  • Bluk Berry, 3x Honey, Tiny Mushroom (Paras, Venonat)
  • Bulk Berry, 3x Honey, Rainbow (Pinsir, Scyther, Venonat)

Brain Food a la Cube

pokemon sun moon alola jynx form

Psychic-type Pokemon are often some of the most powerful Pokemon available in the Pokemon franchise. Luckily, players will have no problem adding psychic-type Pokemon to their collection in Pokemon Quest if they know the right recipes.

  • 3x Bluk Berry, Apricorn, Fossil (Abra)
  • 2x Bluk Berry, Apricorn, Honey, Fossil (Exeggute, Slowpoke)
  • Bluk Berry, Apricorn, Icy Rock, Honey (Drowzee, Exeggute, Jynx, Mr. Mime, Slowpoke)

Stone Soup a la Cube

pokemon sun moon alola geodude graveller golem form

As one can likely guess based on the name, Stone Soup a la Cube is how players can attract rock-type Pokemon to their base camp in Pokemon Quest.

  • Apricorn, 2x Fossil, Tiny Mushroom, Fossil (Geodude, Rhyhorn)
  • Apricorn, 2x Fossil, Apricorn, Big Root (Kabuto, Omanyte, Onix)
  • Fossil, 3x Icy Rock, Rainbow Matter (Aerodactyl, Kabuto, Omanyte)

Light-as-Air Casserole a la Cube

pokemon sun moon alola farfetchd form

The favorite food of flying-type Pokemon is Light-as-Air Casserole, so players who want to attract flying-types to their camp should be sure to prepare it for them.

  • 3x Fossil, 2x Big Root (Doduo, Pidgey, Spearow, Zubat)
  • 2x Fossil, 2x Big Root, Icy Rock (Farfetch’d, Zubat)
  • 2x Big Root, 3x Icy Rock (Aerodactyl, Farfetch’d, Scyther)

Hot Pot a la Cube

Charmander Shows Up At Build-A-Bear Workshop - Charmander stuffed animal

Fire-type Pokemon love Hot Pot a la Cube, so cooking it as the best way to expand one’s collection of fire-types in Pokemon Quest.

  • 3x Tiny Mushroom, Bluk Berry, Fossil (Growlithe, Vulpix)
  • 2x Tiny Mushroom, Balm Mushroom, Bluk Berry, Apricorn (Ponyta)
  • Tiny Mushroom, 2x Balm Mushroom, Big Root, Bluk Berry (Charmander, Ponyta, Magmar)
  • Tiny Mushroom, Big Root, 2x Balm Mushroom, Honey (Charmander, Ponyta)
  • 3x Balm Mushroom, 2x Big Root (Charmander, Magmar)

Watt a Risotto a la Cube

pokemon sun moon japan players get ashs hat for pikachu

Electric-type Pokemon are best lured to base camp by cooking the Watt a Risotto a la Cube.

  • Tiny Mushroom, Apricorn, 2x Honey, Bluk Berry (Magnemite, Voltorb)
  • Apricorn, 2x Honey, Tiny Mushroom, Big Root (Electabuzz, Magnemite, Pikachu)
  • 3x Honey, Big Root, Balm Mushroom (Electabuzz, Pikachu)

Get Swole Syrup a la Cube

Pokken Tournament Hitmonlee Hitmonchan

Players who want to add fighting-type Pokemon to their collection should cook Get Swole Syrup a la Cube recipes.

  • 2x Tiny Mushroom, 2x Bluk Berry, Honey (Machop, Mankey)
  • Tiny Mushroom, 2x Bluk Berry, Honey, Balm Mushroom (Hitmonlee, Machop, Mankey)
  • Tiny Mushroom, Bluk Berry, 2x Honey, Balm Mushroom (Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Machop)

Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube


The Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube is how players attract legendary and mythical Pokemon to their base camp in Pokemon Quest. All of the first-generation legendary Pokemon can be lured to camp at launch, so players who are able to obtain to the correct ingredients should be able to add some very rare Pokemon to their collection.

  • 3x Mystical Shell, 2x Tiny Mushroom (Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos)
  • 5x Mystical Shell (Articuno, Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos)

Pokemon Quest iOS Android release date

As previously mentioned, there are many other possible ingredient combinations that will result in players cooking the same recipes, so feel free to experiment. However, with these specific recipes in mind, it should be easier for players to farm for the kind of Pokemon they are hoping to add to their collection as they attempt to catch ’em all in the mobile and Switch game Pokemon Quest.

Pokemon Quest is out now for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: IGN