Pokemon: 10 Most Memorable Professor Oak Quotes, Ranked

Professor Oak is one of the most beloved and well-known characters in the Pokémon universe. For those who grew up playing the Pokémon games in their youth, Professor Oak is among the longest-standing authority figures in their lives. He gave us our first Pokémon, explained the Pokedex, let us name his own grandson, and sent us on our way for the adventure of a lifetime.

But he was not a silent advisor. No, a decent percentage of the dialogue uttered in the Pokémon games comes from the mouth of Professor Oak. And, though most of his dialogue is centered around the player's achievements, he does unleash a few golden phrases throughout the series. Below is a countdown of ten of Professor Oaks most memorable quotes.

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10 "Pokémon around the world wait for you!"

There is just something so exciting about the concept of every single Pokémonin the entire world eagerly awaiting to join the players' arsenal. The above Professor Oak quote creates a mental image of little Evees and Jigglypuffs wiggling with anticipation at the players' arrival. And such a wonderful mental image it is! This quote is one of the last things the player hears before starting their journey to be the very best, and the romanticism of the anime and games owe a lot to it.

9 "When a wild Pokémon appears, it's fair game."

Unlike the first quote, this quote is memorable not for its motivational nature but rather for its slightly questionable undertones and implications. What does "fair game" mean in the context of this game? Usually, when someone says that an animal or creature is fair game, it means that anyone who sees it is allowed to hunt it without repercussions or social protocol holding them back. However, Professor Oak is most likely referring to the fact that no one can claim a wild Pokémon; therefore, anyone can attempt to capture it without hesitation.

8 "The bond you share with your Pokémon is marvelous!"

The best thing about collecting and befriending the Pokémon of the virtual world is the bond established between the player and their new Pokémon companions. These little critters will fight by the player's side to help them accomplish their goals, and that creates a bond like no other. That creates a bond that can never be broken, and it is wonderful for Professor Oak to remind us of that before we start our journey.

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7 "I have nothing left to say! You're the authority now!"

This quote is exciting because one of the most wonderful aspects of growing up is having the authority figures that guided us through our youth recognizing the efforts that we have put forth in order to accomplish our goals as we enter into the adult world. Having those authority figures admit their pride and declare that we now equal in terms of authority is one of the best feelings. Having Professor Oak proclaim the player's skill and ability is just such a wonderful feeling. We appreciate the recognition, sir!

6 "I'm impressed! It must have been difficult to do!"

It is just so truly validating for someone to recognize the effort that it took to execute a task. Sometimes a task is just much more work than one expected before undertaking it and having someone, especially an authority figure than one respects, validating that effort by remarking on the difficult nature of the task and complimenting the work put forth is one of the best feelings. It truly validates all of the effort that one has put forth and makes the task so worth it.

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5 "Smell you Later!"

Though the majority of the quotes on this list are focused on the more motivational, inspirational, and comforting Professor Oak quotes, the list would be incomplete without his more amusing quotes. Something as simple as the above quote seems like an odd choice for a list which ranks his most memorable quotes. However, the fact that Professor Oak, a legitimate scientist and decorated professional in his field, would say something as comical and casual as "Smell you later!" is utterly absurd and truly amusing. This is a quote that we will not be forgetting any time soon.

4 "You have worked hard to become the new League Champion."

As mentioned earlier in this article, there is nothing as validating as having one's hard work acknowledged by a respected authority figure. But this quote goes the extra mile in terms of validation, as it is not only validating the effort that the player is putting forth, but it is also letting the player know that they are on the way to achieving their dreams. Knowing that a respected authority figure feels like one is likely to achieve their goals is truly exhilarating.

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3 "You have the ability to become a great Pokémon Professor someday!"

Even if it is not the goal of our player to become a professor like Oak is himself, it is still lovely knowing that he has such immense faith in us. One of the best things about the Pokémon series is the fact that so many of the quotes are so kind and motivational. They encourage players to do their best and feel their best by rewarding their efforts and reminding them how important their contributions are. Professor Oak can be rather blunt at times, but he never fails to provide the player with a wonderful dose of motivation when needed.

2 "Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold."

The wonderful thing about this quote is that it holds up outside of the game itself. Some quotes are only impactful to those who play the game and are familiar with its lore and conventions, while other quotes contain meaning to those who exist outside of the fandom. This is one of those quotes. There are so many adventures in life that lie before us, and we can all start our own tale at any time. This quote is beautiful and memorable because it reminds us of everything that lies before us and the infinite possibilities which the future holds.

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1 "...Erm, what was his name now?"

One cannot create a list of Professor Oak quotes without including this one. Though it is not beautiful or motivational, it is equally memorable for other reasons. There is just something hilarious about a man forgetting the name of his own grandson. And the fact that the player then gets to name the child themselves—albeit with a few limitations—and that that name becomes their name for the rest of the game is just icing on the cake.

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