Watch Four Minutes of 'Pokken Tournament' Gameplay

Few Japan-only titles garner as much attention as the upcoming Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament. Being developed by Bandai Namco, the forthcoming title is currently set to be released in the land of the rising sun as an arcade-only experience – with no plans for a Wii U release currently on the cards. That said, a dedicated Pokemon fighter is something that many fans have been waiting quite some time for.

Despite the ample amount of anticipation surrounding the title, however, there's still a lot that consumers don't know about Pokken Tournament. Fortunately, Bandai Namco and Nintendo have released a new trailer that showcases some of the action awaiting fans in the forthcoming beat 'em up. The gameplay itself is unlike a number of existing fighting games, thanks to its non-restrictive ability to swap between 2D and 3D camera angles, but the combat looks to be on par with existing games in the genre.

Pokemon Pokken Tournament Gameplay

Utilizing assists in the form of Lapras, Fenekin and more, the developers have ensured that plenty of Pocket Monsters will, at the very least, be included in the game even if they aren't playable. It seems as if these bonus beasts will have some serious impact on the game itself too, and could very well change the tide of battle on a whim if utilized correctly. The above gameplay also revealed that both Eevee and Frogadier will be assists, which effectively eliminates them from making a playable appearance.

Couple the aforementioned assist Pokemon with the recently confirmed playable fighters Suicune, Gardevoir, and Pikachu, and there's no doubt that fans are still eager to see if their favorite monster will make the cut as a controllable fighter. It's still unknown just how big the roster will grow in the months leading up to Pokken Tournament's final release, but odds are that the team working on the project will be paying close attention to what fans want to see added.

Do you hope to see Pokken Tournament make its way to the Wii U? What other Pokemon would you like to see join the roster?

Pokken Tournament is set to arrive in Japanese arcades in 2015.

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