For the first time outside of Japan, the beloved Pokemon series will be appearing on a platform that isn’t owned by Nintendo. The Pokemon Company has announced that it’s released an official Pokedex app for iOS devices in North America and Europe, allowing fans to access information pertaining to any one of the hundreds of different critters that currently exist within the fictitious world of Pokemon.

The Pokedex app (or ‘Pokedex for iOS’ as it’s been branded within iTunes App Store) initially allows gamers to check out details on all of the monsters running rampant around the Unova region, and all it will cost them is a very reasonable $1.99. Despite similarities to the recently released Pokedex 3D Pro app for the Nintendo 3DS, fans will have to spend a lot more than $14.99 in order to complete their Dex.

Anyone who was hoping to get a good look at Pokemon that didn’t debut in Black or White will have to plunk down an additional $5.99 per Pocket Monster generation (i.e. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh). That amounts to roughly $26 to own the whole “gotta catch ’em all” fueled shebang on iPad, iPhone, or iPod. The app also supports retina display in order to provide wannabe Pokemon Masters with some high level visuals.

Some may be surprised to see a Nintendo subsidiary appear on a different platform, but they should know that The Pokemon Company is a different entity than Nintendo — that’s why previous Pokemon-related iOS apps have been released in Japan. Depending on how well the official Pokedex app does, it’s entirely possible that fans will receive more Pokemon content arriving in the not too distant future, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Just don’t expect Nintendo President Satoru Iwata to go back on his word by bringing a Super Mario game to the App Store anytime soon.

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