Pikachu Becomes a Detective in New 'Pokemon' Game

Pikachu Detective 3DS Game

Nintendo has been experiencing a radical amount of success with both of its Pokemon X and Y titles, moving over four million copies in two days, and sales will only go up as the Holiday season approaches. Given that Pokemon is such an absurdly popular series worldwide, it'll come as no surprise to hear that additional games for the franchise are already well into development.

What may surprise fans, however, is the fact that one of these games is a detective-based 3DS exclusive that stars none other than brand mascot Pikachu.

During a recent special on Tsunekaz Ishihara, the CEO of The Pokemon Company, for Japanese network NHK, footage of the game surfaced. This game is the incredibly odd (and horrifying) title that recently surfaced; featuring the ability to control Pikachu using the 3DS camera, and it sounds like there are some even more bizarre things still in store for the finished product.

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According to the television special, featured on NHK's The Professionals, this unnamed Pikachu project will feature a very different version of the rodent as the game's main antagonist. Apparently this is the version of Pikachu that Ishihara mentioned he was afraid to introduce, but there will also be a blue Pikachu present that can talk to players in their native language. It's said that this game, if it ever sees the light of day, has a two year development cycle — meaning it's not scheduled to release until 2015.

Pokemon Trozei 3DS

Also touched upon was a downloadable follow up to Pokemon Trozei for exclusive release on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. As Pokemon fans are already well aware, Pokemon Trozei was a puzzle game for the DS that tasked players with sliding pictures of Pocket Monsters across the screen to pair up groups of the same creatures, and it looks as if its sequel will feature nearly identical mechanics. The game is said to still be in beta, but its release should occur sooner than the previously mentioned super sleuth adventure of Pikachu.

All of this information is still premature and subject to change — both games are in the early stages of development, after all — and fans likely won't receive any more concrete details anytime soon. That said, stay tuned to Game Rant for more news on these games as it develops.

Would you play a Pikachu detective game on 3DS, Ranters? Does a downloadable follow up to Pokemon Trozei sound more appealing?


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Source: Serebii

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