Pokemon Player Beats Permadeath Run Using Rattata


Being the very best is hard, especially for Twitch streamer Pokemon Challenges who recently took on Pokemon Fire Red in a perma-death run - using only a Rattata.

Throughout the 20 years since the release of the original games, Pokemon has been played in many different creative ways - few so brutal as the Nuzlocke challenge.

A playstyle that requires players to release any creatures that faint in battle, one Pokemon fan has taken hard mode to the next level, soloing the game with a single Rattata. Using only one of the early-game Normal-Type creature, Twitch channel Pokemon Challenges has successfully beaten Pokemon Fire Red, without ever reviving their creature of choice.

"The Rattata is a wild capture from the beginning of the game [and it has] a good nature" stated the channel owner in an email to Kotaku.


In terms of moves, the Rattata hosts Return, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, and Substitute, allowing the Mouse Pokemon to overcome a range of situations. For those times where it wasn't possible to have a type-advantage over his opponent, the streamer opted to out-level the opposing Pokemon, something that took many hours of grinding.

For no particular reason other than an additional challenge, Pokemon Challenges chose not to evolve his Rattata when it reached level 20, a process that has to be manually cancelled every level from that point onwards.

This wasn't the Twitch channel's first attempt at the solo run, however. Twice the streamer made it all the way to the Elite 4, the game's final challenge, before being defeated. “You can imagine my devastation after losing there...the second time I just felt like giving up," said the dedicated fan.

Somehow, after 6 failed attempts at completing the hardcore Pokemon run, Pokemon Challenges succeeded in bringing his Rattata into the top percentage, completing the Pokemon League without so much as a single death.

Rattata has never been much of a fan-favorite creature, despite being one of the original 151 Pokemon, but many older fans are still likely to prefer the design of the purple mouse to some of the more recent Pokemon designs, likely due to a large dose of nostalgia. That said, the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games are creating quite a lot of excitement in the gaming community as older fans begin to get back into the franchise.

Pokemon GO is also a cause of a lot of players re-discovering the Pokemon series, as the free AR title continues to hold a high position in the appstore charts, despite losing over 15 million daily users over the last few weeks since release.

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