It’s been roughly 15 years since Nintendo released Pokemon Red and Blue in North America, unleashing what would quickly become an unstoppable phenomenon that’s seen several iterations, a silly amount of merchandise, and a ridiculously popular trading card line.

The latest installments in the Pocket Monster franchise, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, are set to hit stores next month, but fans can’t help but reflect upon the original Game Boy titles with a sense of unrivalled nostalgia. It’s for this very reason that The Pokemon Company has put together a tribute to the original games in the form of an anime called Pokemon Origins. This 4-episode series explores the storyline of the original games from the perspective of the protagonist Red, and takes viewers through an animated walk down memory lane.

Everything from the original cast of characters to the classic start-up screen on the Game Boy are proof that The Pokemon Company has created this mini-series with the intent of appealing to long time fans. Given that the Nintendo subsidiary doesn’t plan on releasing Pokemon Red or Blue on the 3DS Virtual Console, this is definitely a solid option for gamers looking to relive what many believe to be the series’ glory days.

Pokemon Origins

Pokemon Origins will kick off with the release of its first episode on November 15th and will be exclusively available for viewing on Pokemon TV. Fans can watch the show on the Pokemon TV website or on their tablets/mobile devices using the official apps for the service — all of which are completely free.

Since Pokemon X and Y feature the original starter Pokemon — and more importantly Mega Evolutions for Charizard, Blastoise, and Venasaur — it’s obvious that Game Freak and The Pokemon Company are on a bit of a throwback binge as of late. With many longtime fans and casual players wishing for yet another remake or re-release of Red Version and Blue Version, Pokemon Origins should help scratch that pesky original 151 itch.

It also bodes pretty well for Pokemon Trainer’s return in Super Smash Bros., despite making our initial list of 5 veterans unlikely to return.

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