Nintendo and The Pokemon Company announce plans to release reprints of the original Pokemon trading card set in Japan to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the series.

As a franchise that rose to prominence during the late 90s, Pokemon quickly garnered ample admiration amongst children of that era. As anyone that was active on the playgrounds during this time frame can attest, everything from Pocket Monster video games to school supplies were scattered about as far as the eye could see – but no products were as prominent as the trading card game.

The original Base Set trading cards found within the Pokemon trading card game have long since been out of print, making room for a number of other TCG installments to take their place. While the card game has evolved significantly in the years since its debut, many fans still look back on the original card designs with a sense of admiration and nostalgia. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company recognize this, which is why the firms are planning on reprinting the original set to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary.

Sadly, Japan is the only confirmed location to be on the receiving end of the nostalgia-driven re-release at this point in time, but importers can look forward to them arriving on February 27, 2016. With that said, a similar offering has yet to be ruled out for Western audiences, which means that longstanding fans may finally be able to secure their very own holographic Charizard in the near future.

Pokemon Red Blue Yellow 3DS Version

Those that do choose to import these Pokemon collectibles can expect to receive 60 cards, a player’s manual, and a special coin. Surprisingly, there doesn’t appear to be any known pricing information on the forthcoming product, but fans eagerly sitting on their wallets can expect every piece of card stock to be emblazoned with their original Base Set designs and monsters. Suffice to say, it’s a great way to celebrate the franchise’s big 2-0 – although the companies have yet to clarify which of the 102 Base Set cards will be included in the 60-card pack.

This is just the latest move in what looks to be a big celebration for the Pocket Monster brand. Accompanying these reprinted TCG cards on store shelves on the exact same day are limited edition 2DS consoles that have been themed after Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow versions. Furthermore, gamers also have the hotly anticipated Pokken Tournament game to look forward to on the Nintendo Wii U at some point in Spring 2016.

Do you hope these original Pokemon cards see a Western release? What else should Nintendo do to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary? Get at us in the comments.

Source: Pokemon Trading Card Game Japan (via Polygon)