Original Pokemon Cards Make Their Nostalgic Return


The Pokemon Company has brought back revamped versions of the original Pokemon cards, providing fans with another opportunity to score that coveted holographic Charizard.

Kids growing up in the 90's will recall the immense popularity of the Pokemon franchise, with one of the more popular components surrounding the craze being the collectible trading cards. These flimsy pieces of paper were some of the most highly sought after pieces of Pocket Monster merchandise back then, but this particular trading card game has evolved substantially since Wizards of the Coast first held the rights to manufacture and distribute the product. Fortunately, The Pokemon Company hasn't forgotten the card game's roots.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, the original artwork from the TCG Base Set is set to make its return in a new line called 'Pokemon XY Evolutions'. Featuring the likes of several longstanding favorites, those that missed out on securing some of the rarer collectibles will now have another shot to do so – with a returning holographic Charizard setting itself up to be a clearcut leader when it comes to stirring up nostalgia. With that said, not all of the original card designs will be making their return, but there are still plenty to look forward to.


Coinciding with the arrival of these cards is another throwback in the form of a special webpage for the Pokemon XY Evolutions series that mirrors the old school aesthetic of early 90's websites. Featuring everything from a mock dial-up internet connection to moving 3D text, The Pokemon Company has provided fans of the original TCG game with a very convincing look back on the era in which the cards originated.

It'll be interesting to see if there are any plans to followup with additional retro cards in the future (with Team Rocket, Fossil, and Jungle sets immediately coming to mind), but for now fans can rest easy knowing that they're able to revisit a number of prominent cards that they once collected. Still, it's not all that challenging for longstanding fans to remain optimistic about the series when the latest core installments of the franchise are set too arrive later this month in the form of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Those hoping for a little bit of throwback gaming, however, can play through Pokemon Red Version, Blue Version, or Yellow Version on their Nintendo 3DS handhelds. That, or they can just settle for looking at pixelated versions of the original Pokemon cards in the 3DS Virtual Console iteration of Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Source: The Pokemon Company

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