Nintendo Officially Unveils The Newest Pokemon Hoopa

Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Hoopa


At this point it would take an absurdly long time for anyone to "catch 'em all." As of this writing there are 719 obtainable Pokemon that trainers will need to gather in order to complete their Pokedex, and Nintendo has just taken the liberty of adding one more monster to its ever-growing lineup of catchable creatures. Completionists prepare yourselves, because the latest Pocket Monster joining the fray is none other than the mysterious Hoopa.

Followers of the Pokemon franchise are likely already familiar with the (now official) beast, as hackers have previously found it roaming around within the data of the recently released Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games. That said, the potential party member has a number of tricks up its ghostly sleeves and is likely responsible for the fact that gamers can capture so many Legendary Pokemon in the aforementioned pair of portable titles.

Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Hoopa

That's right, those mysterious rings that appear to open up different dimensions in-game, and allow fans to obtain some of the rarest Pokemon around, appear to have been created by this monster. As some may have already pieced together as a result of the creature being leaked, Hoopa is the first ever Ghost/Psychic-type, which makes it a very powerful addition to anyone's team. That said, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have yet to clarify how fans will go about obtaining the critter in their very own versions of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

This situation is nearly identical to what happened with the mythical Diancie, and fans ended up waiting quite some time before they were finally able to download the illusive beast via a promotion with GameStop. Hopefully more details on just how players can go about securing this monster are revealed soon. Couple that with the fact that this monster seems to be heavily influencing the entire Hoenn region already, and Hoopa will definitely be one creature that gamers will want to keep their eyes on.

What do you think of Hoopa? Are you thinking of adding the new creature to your team? Get at us in the comments.


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