Plenty of New Pokemon

It seems like only yesterday that we were introduced to the fifth generation of pocket monsters that made their debut in Pokemon Black and White. Most gamers are likely still ripping around the Unova region trying to complete their Pokedex, all the while becoming acquainted and falling in love with with the latest generation of Pokes. The one thing you’d think, after pumping out over 600 of the collectable creatures, is that Game Freak would be running out of new ideas for future Pokemon. According to Game Freak’s Ken Sugimori, that seems to be the least of their worries.

In a recent interview conducted by the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine, Sugimori — an art director for the recently released Pokemon Black and White — seemed very confident in his team’s ability to create new Pokemon. Not only that, but he mentioned that quite a few people have a hand in the actual creation of individual Pokemon.

“It’s not only myself designing new Pokémon – we have about 20 people in our team at Game Freak who design Pokémon, so if every one of them came up with 10 Pokémon ideas, it’s going to be 200. And that will make a lot of Pokémon designs.”

“Also, there are people still coming in new to Game Freak and that’s where we get fresh ideas from.”

It’s nice to know that Nintendo and Game Freak always have “fresh ideas” that they can base future Pokemon off of, but how many Pokemon will they create before they are content with themselves? We’ll likely get into the thousands before Nintendo calls it quits, and that’s a pretty good move by the Big N. Players need a reason to keep coming back and playing new Pokemon games, and the only way to do that is to change up the roster.

A large portion of the fun I had playing Pokemon Black and White was due to the fact that only new Pokemon were available to use until you’ve completed the main story. Adding new creatures changes up the way people have to play by removing access to familiar characters. I think new Pokemon aren’t a bad thing, although remembering the name of each pocket monster is becoming a growing challenge.

Did you like the latest addition to the Pokemon roster found in Black and White? Do you want more new Pokemon?

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Source: Official Nintendo Magazine