Next month, Pokemon enthusiasts all across the Western hemisphere will finally be able to get their hands on a brand new Pocket Monster title for the Nintendo 3DS. While it’s not quite as highly anticipated as the recently announced Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity still looks to be a solid way of biding time until the Big N gets around to launching the latest pair of core series installments later this October.

Since Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity is scheduled to hit the Nintendo 3DS later next month, Nintendo felt it was appropriate to release a new trailer highlighting, not only the game itself, but downloadable content that is scheduled to release alongside the title. The first batch of content is called ‘Poke Forest Mystery Dungeon’, and it’ll actually be available to gamers for free until April 30th.

It’ll also be joined at launch by three additional downloadable content packs, but these will cost users some of their hard-earned dollars to access. Each content pack will give players access to new dungeons, items, and more importantly previously unobtainable Pokemon that they’ll be able to add to their team.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Screenshots

On top of detailing Gates to Infinity‘s day-one DLC, Ninty took the liberty of elaborating on the game’s local multiplayer feature known as Companion Mode. Available to play alongside the single-player Hero Mode, Companion Mode allows up to four friends to meet up and work together to tear through some monster-filled dungeons as a team. Best of all, any items or experience that’s gathered while playing with friends will actually transfer over to the game’s campaign.

Furthermore, it was revealed that utilizing the 3DS’ StreetPass feature can help an innocent passerby by awarding them with Reviver Seeds to revive fainted allies. Sounds like a good enough reason for someone to walk around with a 3DS in their pocket — provided they’re stuck on one of the more challenging dungeons.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity can be encountered on the Nintendo 3DS this March 24th.

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