Nintendo 3DS owners have been hungry for a legitimate Pokemon game since the portable first launched, and aside from the lacklustre Pokemon Rumble Blast and a handful of downloadable apps, they’ve largely been disappointed. There’s still no sign of a new core installment in the all-too-popular franchise, but Nintendo has just announced that the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series will be making its way over to the 3D-enabled portable later this March in the form of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.

Fans who were up in arms over the fact that Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 were released on the Nintendo DS in lieu of 3DS iterations, now finally have something to tide them over until The Pokemon Company gets around to announcing another project. The wait for the latest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon won’t be a long one either, because Nintendo has confirmed that gamers will be able to catch the latest Pocket Monster title on March 24th.

Anyone who’s played past Mystery Dungeon games will be familiar with what to expect from this new game’s formula. The main protagonist awakens to find himself/herself transformed into a Pokemon (either Pikachu, Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig or Axew this time around), and they then promptly set off on an adventure that takes them through 20 different dungeons — all of which randomly generate their layouts and contents.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS Screenshots

The new 3D environments don’t look half bad.

All of this is old news for dedicated dungeon explorers, but one new feature does take advantage of the 3DS’ camera to generate Magnagates. These gates are created when players point their 3DS camera at a circular object, and that object can be almost anything that users find laying about their humble abode. Once a circle has been spotted, the game will recognize the image and open up a portal to a new dungeon. Sure, it sounds a little gimmicky, but it could end up being a fun use of the tech.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity was originally confirmed back in the September issue of Corocoro magazine, and has actually been available in Japan since November 23rd, so a confirmation on the title’s North American release doesn’t come as a surprise.

To reiterate, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity will be available for the Nintendo 3DS on March 24th, 2013.

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