Pokemon Sun and Moon Give 'Splash' Move A Purpose


The most useless move in all of the Pokemon games, Splash, finally has a use in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon, thanks to the new addition of Z-Moves.

Since the release of the first Pokemon games twenty years ago, there has always been one move that has served no purpose whatsoever. Splash, learned only by a small handful of creatures, is well known for being a useless move, something that will all change in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

A move that is usually followed by the phrase "but nothing happened", Splash does not have any effect on the battle whatsoever. However, due to the addition of Z-Moves in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the attack could actually prove rather useful to trainers in their quest to become the very best.


By using a Z-Crystal of the appropriate type, trainers can power up one move of that same type, once per battle to devastating effect. Shown above by competitive Pokemon champion Mike S. on Twitter, Splash can also receive this power boost, so long as a trainer gives their Pokemon a 'Normalium Z' crystal.

The move still won't do damage but using Z-Splash will boost the user's attack three times, giving it a huge increase to its attacking power. Using Z-Splash will still cause "but nothing happened" to appear, but of course for once this isn't the case.

It'll be interesting to see if any professional Pokemon players can make a team work using Z-Splash as a staple move, but if any community is dedicated enough to be able to pull it off, the Pokemon community is sure to be the one to do it.

In other Pokemon Sun and Moon news, many players have already gotten their hands on a copy of the game, thanks to a retail leak that took place earlier this week. This means that any players who do not wish to get new details spoiled for them should be careful when browsing the internet as footage of the full games are now readily available online.

If you're still undecided about which of the two versions is best to pre-order, it might be worth sneaking a peak at the games' exclusive creatures that will be restricted to either the Sun or Moon editions. The list comes courtesy of a Reddit user who gained the information from that same retail leak, though it's worth taking a look even if you don't like spoilers, just to ensure that you choose the right version for you.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are scheduled for launch on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.

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