Misty's First 10 Pokémon, Ranked

Longtime fans of the Pokémon franchise will immediately recognize Misty as one of the leaders of Cerulean City’s Pokémon gym. The youngest sister begins to travel with Ash following his destruction of her bicycle, insisting that she will continue to travel with him on his journeys until she is paid back for her bike which he destroyed.

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While Misty is predominantly a water trainer, employing a variety of powerful water moves in her arsenal, the young trainer has been seen with a variety of Pokémon throughout her time on the anime. Avoiding those she borrowed from Ashe and Brock, as well as inhabitants of the Cerulean City gym, here are Misty’s first ten Pokémon, ranked.

10 Azurill

While Misty wouldn’t obtain Azurill until the eighth season of the Pokémon anime, it still falls within the original ten she held. Given to her as an egg by traveling companion Tracey, Azurill quickly hatched in the same episode which Misty obtained it. Shortly after, it is seen battling Team Rocket as a regular member of the team.

Azurill is a baby Pokémon and displays characteristics as such. Often, it is seen interacting with another Pokémon, including Tracey’s Marill which is its parent. Ultimately, Misty’s Azurill makes no significant impact on the show and lacks any major “cool factor” to warrant it a higher ranking.

9 Corsola

Using a lure ball which she received from Kurt, Misty would capture Corsola in the fifth season of the anime, and it would serve as her sole capture in the Johto region to date. After its acquisition, Misty is seen using Corsola in many of her battles, including her battle against Dorian in the episode "Just Add Water."

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As with all of her Pokémon, Misty displays a sincere bond with Corsola. Even though this bond exists, there is nothing of note which sets Corsola apart from any of the other Pokémon on this list, thus making it a minor contender.

8 Horsea

Putting aside the initial tree she begins with, Horsea is the first Pokémon caught by Misty in the anime. Horsea also marks the point where this list becomes tougher to rank.

Debuting in the episode "Tentacool & Tentacruel," Misty and her companions first encounter Horsea injured outside Porta Vista. In its debut episode, the team heals Horsea and then employs it in assisting with saving the city of Porta Vista before it ultimately joins Misty.

While Horsea is used in several episodes, primarily due to its ability to spray ink, Horsea doesn’t see an abundance of use in the anime. In her most recent appearances, Misty appears to have left Horsea at the Cerulean City gym where it can swim more freely than in her travels.

7 Starmie

Fans of the series will know that Misty possesses both a Staryu and its evolved form Starmie at the beginning of the series. Alongside Goldeen, the three make up her original lineup. While Starmie is the evolved form of Staryu, it is ranked lower on this list than her Staryu for a few reasons.

The primary justification for this placement is that Misty doesn’t often employ her Starmie in battle. On the few occasions where it is used, it is often defeated very quickly. More often, Misty uses her Starmie to surf, oddly reminiscent of HM slaves employed by players in the video games.

6 Goldeen

The second of Misty’s original trio, Goldeen is not shown to be much stronger than Starmie in battle. Restricted to aquatic use in the anime, Misty rarely finds the opportunity to use this Pokémon for more than utility purposes. Goldeen’s prowess in battle compared to its predecessor on this list gives it an undeniable edge in the ranking.

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Goldeen is shown on numerous occasions to be extremely resourceful in addition to its battle prowess. In the episode "Pokémon Emergency!," Goldeen distracts Team Rocket while Ash rescues Pokémon from the nearby center, and then several episodes later, it is seen rescuing Team Rocket from the SS Anne.

5 Staryu

Rounding out her original trio, Misty’s Staryu is not only one of Misty’s most used Pokémon, but it is also one of her favorites. In one episode, she even states that she polishes it daily.

Staryu is proven throughout the series to be the Pokémon which Misty relies on the most in battle. She uses it to great effect in defeating a variety of opponents, despite it being a base-stage Pokémon. In addition to its success, it is the only Pokémon from her original lineup which she keeps on hand in most recent appearances.

Again, as with most of her Pokémon, Misty displays an uncanny affinity with her Staryu which rivals that of many relationships displayed in the anime.

4 Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Politoed

Misty’s Politoed is one of the few Pokémon which Misty has been seen to own through all of its stages of evolution. She originally acquired it as a Poliwag in the second season of the anime and has maintained it through its accidental evolution in season five.

Of all of Misty’s Pokémon, Politoed may have displayed the most personality. During its time as a Poliwhirl, it would often hide behind her for fear of challenges. Later, upon its final evolution, Politoed would often clap out of excitement to the scorn of Misty. Despite her frustration, this cheery disposition would help individuals such as the young cheerleader Tammy in the episode "I Politoed Ya So!"

3 Gyarados

Moving into the top three, Gyarados is easily the strongest of all the Pokémon Misty acquires throughout the series. Obtained in the Pokémon Chronicles series, Misty is seen overcoming her fear of Gyarados while trying to maintain control of the Cerulean City gym. In a battle, Misty absorbs an attack in its place, earning the respect of Gyarados and gaining control over it.

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As is typical, Gyarados is seen to be a rampaging Pokémon when it initially appears in the series. Indicative of the bond Misty shares with her Pokémon, it becomes much calmer and even begins to show an affinity for other Pokémon she possesses. Through more recent appearances, Gyarados has been one of Misty’s more reliable Pokémon in battle.

2 Togepi/Togetic

The egg containing Togepi was originally found in the first season of the Pokémon anime and introduced a new concept to the show. Pokémon fans were intrigued by the egg on its appearance, and more so when it hatched a few episodes later. This would mark the first official appearance of a second-generation Pokémon in the series.

Though Misty would eventually release the evolved Togetic to protect “the Kingdom,” it garners such weight on this list due to the new elements it provided to the series. In addition to being so different, Togepi immediately bonded with Misty upon hatching, almost treating her like a mother.

1 Psyduck

The top spot on this list couldn’t go to anyone else.

Misty’s Psyduck is the best example of a love-hate relationship in the show. Psyduck is often used as comedic relief and is presented in a hilariously ditzy manner. Even its capture was indicative of this, in that Misty did not intentionally capture her Psyduck, it simply pressed the button on one of her Poké Balls and captured itself.

Despite being the occasional hero, Misty’s Psyduck operates in a constant state of confusion. It often enters the battlefield against her will and seems confused upon its arrival. In addition, this Psyduck is oddly incapable of swimming.

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