10 Things Mew Can Do That Mewtwo Can't In Pokémon

Since the release of the movie Pokémon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back, fans have been debating whether the cute and cuddly Mew or the brooding and vengeful Mewtwo was the strongest. While many fans would argue that Mewtwo is stronger, there are some things Mew is capable of that Mewtwo isn’t.

Across the games and movies, Mew has demonstrated certain abilities that it’s clone is either not capable of or isn’t aware it can do. This doesn’t necessarily make Mew stronger, but it does suggest that underestimating this small Pokémon is a bad idea.

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10 Synchronize

Introduced in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, Mew developed the ability to utilize a psychic move called Synchronize. This ability triggers when a Pokémon is affected by a status effect like burn or poison and causes the Pokémon that causes the effect to suffer it as well.

There are other psychic Pokémon capable of this feat like Alakazam or Umbreon, but it’s an ability that Mewtwo does not possess. It is a battle advantage as any status effect Mewtwo tries to put on Mew would be self-inflicted as well.

9 Transform

There’s a recurring fan theory that Dittos are failed Mew clones as evidenced by the fact they share the unique ability to learn Transform. Ditto comes by this naturally, and Mew can learn it, but they are the only two Pokémon who can transform into their opponents.

At first, it would seem that this puts Mew and Mewtwo on equal footing, as Mew could simply copy Mewtwo’s battle prowess, but it doesn’t copy HP, which would put Mew at a disadvantage stat-wise. Still, transformation would be a useful ability to avoid detection or confuse enemies.

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8 Can Learn Every Move

Speaking of moves Mew has a unique ability that can put it on equal footing, if not give it an advantage over Mewtwo. Mew is capable of learning every move in the games except for a handful of signature moves unique to legendary or godlike Pokémon.

Any TM or HM can be taught to Mew, making it adaptable to a variety of situations and giving it unique capabilities in combat. At the very least, Mew has been used in the games as an HM slave or it’s been developed into a powerful warrior that strikes fear in the hearts of other trainers.

7 Participate In Tournaments

Given Mewtwo’s incredible stats and vast power, he has often been banned from competitive tournaments and relegated to the sidelines. Mew, on the other hand, is seen as a strong competitor, but not so strong as to be overpowered.

Admittedly, it’s a rather pathetic distinction that Mew can win tournaments solely because Mewtwo isn’t allowed to compete. But, it is an advantage Mew has nevertheless given its ability to utilize any and all moves, and it often makes appearances in high-level tournaments performing a variety of roles.

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6 Emotional Control

Mewtwo was bred for the purpose of war and conflict, a role it stepped into readily and is a driving factor for many of its decisions and actions. Mewtwo is quick to anger and prefers to act first and reflect later.

Mew does not possess this flaw and is capable of greater emotional restraint. That isn’t to say that Mew is passive, as it fully intended to destroy Mewtwo and the other clones, but it is willing to consider itself wrong and change its course accordingly. It also lacks any arrogance or pride as evidenced by turning to Ash of all people for assistance.

5 Genesis Supernova

While Mew is capable of learning any move, there is a move that it alone is capable of performing: Genesis Supernova. Genesis Supernova is a more advanced version of the move Psychic. It deals a stunning 185 damage with 100% accuracy.

What’s interesting is that move also has the ability to transform the environment into a psychic terrain for five turns, augmenting various psychic moves. What’s even more interesting is it’s inherently more powerful than Mewtwo’s signature attack Psystrike. If the player has a Z-Ring and Mew is packing Mewnium, then it has access to this powerful move.

4 Mew Can Evolve (Darwin Style)

According to Pokémon lore, Mew was the first Pokémon ever created, sort of like the Pokémon equivalent of Adam. All other Pokémon are descendants of Mews that evolved and adapted to their environments.

This means that, given time, Mew is capable of obtaining key advantages in certain environments and even changing typing over time. Admittedly, this could result in a weak Pokémon like a Magikarp, but it shows a flexibility Mewtwo simply does not possess.

3 Defensive Bubbles

While Mewtwo is capable of creating his dark bubbles to protect himself and deal damage by bashing into opponents, Mew’s pink bubbles are a bit different. He can use his bubbles to assist other beings and not just himself.

Granted, Mewtwo may be capable of this as well and simply doesn’t have a reason to display this ability, but until he does, it’s believed to be a feature that’s unique to Mew. What’s not readily displayed in the movies or TV shows is whether this bubble is capable of being destroyed. If it can't be destroyed, then it’s a tremendous tool Mew can use to bolster allies.

2 Reverse Other Pokémon’s Evolution

This ability is unique to the Mew in the Pokémon Trading Card Game but has some terrifying implications. With a move called the Devolution Beam, Mew can take say a Charizard and reverse it back to its former evolution, Charmeleon.

What’s even more bizarre is that it’s capable of performing this feat on its allies, as well. Sure, it will remove their status effects, but it would be incredibly rude to take the powerful sea dragon Gyarados and devolve it to a lowly Magikarp just to wake it up.

1 Invisibility

An incredibly powerful ability Mew has that Mewtwo does not have is the power to turn invisible at will. In combat, this ability is enormous as it would allow Mew to sneak up on opponents or dodge attacks.

Outside of combat, it’s likely Mew uses this ability to avoid capture and observe its progeny adapt and thrive in the wild. Who knows how many events Mew was a part of or witnessed because it was hidden out of sight?

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